Book Review: I Can Learn The Bible

Disclosure: I received this book to review. No other compensation has been received. All opinions are my own.

I Can Learn The Bible is a 52 week devotional for kids. Holly Hawkins Shivers has adapted The Joshua Code (that was actually written by her father) so that kids can benefit from this amazing system. The kid-friendly language of this devotional book teaches kids the scripture and to live the scripture. There are 52 different scriptures that are important for little minds to remember. Each week, the children will learn a verse, read a devotional, and work on memorizing that particular scripture. I Can Learn The Bible teaches children that the 
“God’s Word is FOR ME and TO ME, it is IN ME and working THROUGH ME, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!”

I Can Learn The Bible has quickly become one of my favorite resources within our family. Not only do we use it for the Bible study part of our homeschool day, but we discuss what we learned as a family at dinner time. So, this devotional book has actually become a devotional for the whole family. I love that not only are the devotions written in kid friendly language, but the verses are as well. The verses and devotions are relevant to children and the problems/ challenges they face. This book will not only be the perfect devotional guide for your family, but you can use it in group study as well.

The author, Holly Hawkins Shivers, has included a guide for how to use this book with your own family. There is no guess work and it is not too much for little ones to take in. One of the things that I enjoy about it is that I can find the same verse in my bible and use that devotion- so I am doing it along with Tbomb. I love that every time we read a scripture, there is something new to see.  

Party Like A Squatch: Birthday Party Highlights

I'm a bit behind, but I'm finally getting around to posting about Tbomb's and Kodabug's birthday party. It was awesome! Tbomb turned 4, and per his request we had a bigfoot themed party "Party Like A Squatch." The main focus was camo and a 7 foot tall (to scale) Bigfoot. It was actually the same size as "Patty" from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

Because it was also Kodabug's first birthday, we mixed in some pink camo for good measure. It turned out amazing!

Look at all those homemade cakes and cupcakes. Yep, those are cream cheese packages waiting to be made into icing... That was a lot of baking

This is how their cakes turned out. Kodabug's was strawberry and Tbomb's was died green. Not bad for my first try at decorating. However, the peanut butter trim icing didn't stay too well. But, we have to start somewhere. 

Since we were all running around like mad the morning of the party, Nina and Papa surprised Tbomb with a gift to keep him occupied. 

These are the goodie bags and baby Squatch- it's a monkey with the tail cut off and banana removed. I thought making this sign would be a great addition to the party decor. 

Kodabug's high chair decor turned out great and it can even be used as a tutu!

I have to say, the matching bow turned out great too!

Before the party guests arrived. We had the opportunity to mix his birthday with the Leapband/ Zbar party too!

Check out this bigfoot their papa made just for the party. Isn't it awesome?! It's now hanging in Tbomb's room!

Cliff Barackman of Finding bigfoot even sent him a birthday card! I put it in an old DVD case to protect it!

Kodabug enjoying her loot

Her first cake--- "all mine!"

Passed out after the party

Tbomb enjoying his other present from Nina and Pap- yes I insisted on headphones!

Baby Shower Etiquette: Southern Charm Sunday

This post has been on my mind for a while now. Several months ago, I was not invited to a shower that I should have been. I'm seriously not being a brat- I really should have been. I was crushed- completely crushed. Then I thought, not everyone knows proper etiquette, so maybe they don't either. So, here are some etiquette tips for baby showers. There are tips for guests/ hosts/ and the guest of honor.

  1. Invitations can be sent via email/ Facebook (depending on how formal the party is). 
  2. Thank you notes should never be sent electronically
  3. Make sure to accommodate the expectant couple's schedules. If this is a surprise work with close friends/ family members to avoid date conflicts. 
  4. Modern baby showers can include both parents (and modern etiquette dictates this as the way to do it). However, if the party is being thrown by a group of girlfriends, sorority, etc, it is okay to let the dad sit it out. If this is the case- get someone to throw a "dad" party for fun things for baby and daddy. 
  5. No matter which "side" of the family is throwing the party, immediate family members should be included. For instance, if the mom's family is throwing one, the dad's parents, siblings, and grandparents should ALWAYS be invited, and the same with the dad's family. Honestly, it's just rude not to include them. 
  6. It is okay to have showers for second, third, etc babies. They should be celebrated too. However, it is acceptable to make these a "diaper and wipe" party. Also, if the baby is of a different gender, it can even be clothes and gear party. 
  7. Want to throw a party and focus on the parents? Throw a pampering party and ask for gifts to relax mom and dad- maybe even get the family and friends to volunteer to cook on the week baby arrives. 
  8. Strict with traditions? Tradition states that close family members should never throw a baby shower. However, what's the fun in that! 
  9. Be gracious, no matter what- always show appreciation for the party, gifts, and guests presence. 
  10. Show your appreciation for the host/ hostess. Don't forget that thank you note, but why not pick up something super special for them!
  11. Baby showers should be held 4 to 6 weeks before the due date, although having one after baby's arrival could be fun as well. 
  12. When throwing a baby shower, ask for anyone the honoree would really like to be there. 
  13. If you want to take a baby to a shower, be sure to clear it with the hostess/ honoree. Sometimes it is fine, but other times just not appropriate. When making this decision keep in mind your baby's temperament, age, closeness to the honoree. If your baby starts crying, politely excuse yourself. If someone focuses too much on your baby, redirect the focus to the mom-to-be. 
  14. Always remember general etiquette rules. 
Now that I've had my say about baby shower etiquette and finally gotten that off my chest, what are your thoughts on baby showers? 

Thirty-One Doing Good

Disclaimer: I did receive products from Thirty-One, however I wanted to do something extra that I was not asked to do- this is part of that. 

I love hearing about companies that give back to the community and really try to make a difference in the world. I love it even more when it is a company I already love.

Thirty-One Gives
Thirty-One Gives is the department of Thirty-One that focuses on giving back to the community. Some of their efforts include the Today Show Toy Drive, Value and Vision Scholarship, Ronald McDonald House, Girl Talk, Habitat for Humanity, and more. For their complete partners list, visit this link.

Are you part of a nonprofit organization? You can even request a Thirty-One Gives kit. This includes 6 popular items that can be used as raffle prizes or in an auction.

Did you know that Thirty-One products can be customized with an awareness ribbon with any color thread they offer? What a great way to raise awareness for a cause close to your heart. Learn more here.

I have fallen in love with what I have learned about Thirty-One Gives and the Thirty-One Gives Care Council mission.

Our Mission
We have a passion for serving and supporting girls, women and families. We believe strong, confident girls will grow up to become strong, compassionate women, who will be the driving force behind strong, healthy families and communities. Our mission is to celebrate others for who they are, giving them the support and self-esteem needed to lead a purposeful, thriving life. When we all work together and give a little piece of our heart, we can make a huge difference.
For more information please visit our FAQs.Thirty-One Gives Care Council (U.S. Only)

Thirty-One Opportunity For Moms

Disclaimer: I did receive products from Thirty-One, however I wanted to do something extra that I was not asked to do- this is part of that.

I have talked before about how much I love Thirty-One. One of the things I love so much about them is the opportunities that they create for moms (and other women). Thirty-One is a woman created and run business. It has become one of the biggest women-owned businesses in the country. They strive to help women's lives better by giving opportunities for them to own their own business. 

While the business model is not unique- other companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware have started the same way. The difference is the passion within the company. I not only see it with the company itself, but with the women who run their own Thirty-One business. There is a passion and support system like no where else. It is truly amazing to connect with these women and see just what they see and what they love about the company. 

For a small start up fee, you can start your own company. The fee is actually a kit including what you need to run the business and hundreds of dollars in merchandise. There are several of these kits, starting at just $99. You can even have consultants under you and earn even more money. 

I have thought about signing up as a consultant for years now, but just haven't found the time to be the hostess with the mostest. However, I feel that time coming on! I've just been itching to do it for so long! 

I want to urge you to check out their business model, perks, and kits. It might just be that oomph you need in your life. Visit their consultant info page. 

Woman with the Enrollment Kit

Thirty-One Busy Bags and More

Disclaimer: I did receive product to review. However, I continue to be so impressed with Thirty-One that I am writing extra posts.

For a while now, I have been thinking about getting another Timeless Beauty Bag or two (from Thirty One Gifts). I thought about using them for special busy bags for the kids- mostly for when we are going to be waiting for a while or in the car for a while. I thought about it when I had to take Kodabug to the Cardiologist (Thank God- there was nothing wrong with her heart) and Tbomb had a long wait with my parents at the hospital. We loaded up on goodies, but I new there had to be a better solution. Of course, Thirty One popped in my head. Since then, I occassionally search for ideas and always end up lingering on the ideas that involve Thirty-One. So, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites- doing it this way, the kids have easy access to everything in the car and all that is needed is handy and confined. Hang them from the headrest for easy viewing and fold them up and stick them in the "family" bag when you leave the car. Found on Pinterest. (Timeless Beauty Bag)

Timeless Beauty Bag - also great for long road trips... pack it full of books, crayons, pens/pencils, can even hold an iPad or Kindle. Snap it around the head rest and voila! Kids kept quiet :)  Order from

I love the idea of using a Timeless Beauty Bag as a snack pouch. What a great idea for road trips, camping, or an impromtu picnic. It would even be great for sending to a babysitter, or hanging in the pantry for easy access. Found on Pinterest.

Snack pouch! Great idea! 31 beauty bag www.mythirtyone.c...

Someone turned the Timeless Beauty Bag into the ultimate busy bag. No explanation necessary. Found on Pinterest

The mother of all busy bags. Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag.

This travel bag by What Matters Most Now is what my dreams are made of. 

This one is Tbomb's dream come true. Found on Indulgy

The Timeless Beauty Bag.  Product # 3849 Holds a full iPad Taia Reed -Thirty-One Consultant 714-732-2912 by grooviness29

It isn't really a busy bag for kids, but I love this project. It would be perfect for someone in the hospital. Chemo Care Bags


In fact, the more I see these, the more I think my children need the Timeless Beauty Bags and that I need many more things from Thirty-One Gifts! I want to urge you all to visit this Pinterest board to see all the awesome ideas! 


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