Film While Doing Anything With The #PineapplePack

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

As many of you know, I'm not just a mom, blogger, and business owner. I have quite the unique and adventurous favorite past-times. I love to do bigfoot research and paranormal investigations. As part of this, I also do a youtube channel (Paranormal Sass) where I document my adventures. One problem I have had in the past is getting the right angles with my GoPro, while still being able to have the other gear I need to investigate. Thanks to the PineapplePack ($89.95), I no longer have this problem.

The PineapplePack not only allows you to film yourself during whatever activity you choose, but also has enough room to store all of your gear and the features to keep your back comfortable during your adventure.

With the camera mount (that can be removed, stored, or used as a selfie stick), you can film yourself, your group, behind you, or even above you. I like to use it to see the things that I may miss while on an expedition. It is also sturdy enough that I can attach my IR lights and other night time gear to it.

Some other unique features-

  • The Selfie Stick is made of Aluminum Alloy that can attach a GoPro, Smartphone and any Camera with a tripod mount.
  • The PineapplePack gives you the option to attach any type of gear, such as a sleeping bag, on any side of the backpack (sides, bottom, front, etc.).
  • No more loose straps with our Velcro strap rollers. Adjust as you need and roll them back up for a smooth trip without worrying about straps getting caught on something or even slapping you in the face.
  • The PineapplePack is the perfect backpack to take on your adventures around the world or even for everyday use around town.
  • This backpack isn't made for Watersport, but is water resistant from rain.
  • 5 Pockets, Velcro Strap Rollers/adjustable straps, Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick that comes with GoPro Mount and Smartphone mount, Waist and Chest Strap, Bottom, Side and Front Straps to Attach any Extra Gear Needed
Besides the ability to film, my favorite features are the pockets. the pocket thathold the housing for the camera mount can also be used to hold tripods, mounts, and other filming gear. The pockets on the sides are perfect for smaller items- I use one for batteries and battery packs and the other for different types of lights. There are two small pockets on the front that are great for tiny items like adapters, personal items, or emergency items. The large pocket has a mesh pocket on the flap and a laptop pocket on the back that is padded. It is large enough for all my gear. In fact, if I limit my investigation/ filming items, I could hike for several days with this pack. It will be perfect when we hike the Appalachian Trail this summer. 

You can see why I love it with these pictures:

A New Year with Kristin Sheffer

As the New Year swiftly approaches, millions of New Year’s Resolutions will be made worldwide. A great starting point for a new attitude, new goals and life changing events. Unfortunately, most goals go untouched once the burst of new motivation fades away. Resulting in the typical “New Year’s Resolution Pattern.”

Life Coach & Entrepreneur Kristin Sheffer finds this a sad reality. “It takes more than willpower to accomplish one's goals. Strategy, accountability, and discipline are the ingredients to long-term success. ” She states.

Equipping and encouraging the everyday woman to find her purpose and walk passionately in it, is the mission of Simply Free, Kristin’s Personal Development business. Through leading clients through her unique process, she teaches them the art of Personal Management (which targets areas such as conquering self-doubt) always resulting in her clients achieving those seemingly unattainable goals.


How to overcome body image issues

Kristin leads you to a place of self-acceptance by teaching you how to “become friends with your body.” This provides a mental break from measuring one's self against what is considered the acceptable form of “beauty”. You quickly realize your body is not the enemy, but your most trusted ally. This positive shift results in a healthier lifestyle, knowing your body is working for you not against you.

Combating Self Doubt

Kristin turns self-doubt into self-fulfillment. Self-doubt is a habitual choice that turns into a cancer preventing a person from experiencing their utmost self. This results in playing it safe and the loss of achieving ones fulfilling purpose. Her unique method erases the base ingredient of “fear” in self-doubt eliminating the cancer that stops a person from being who they were destined to be.

How to combat toxic thought patterns

Kristin brings a new approach to “positive thinking.” Within her coaching sessions, she dissects the root of the subconscious thought pattern and creates a road map that frees the victim from destructive patterns operating in the background of their life.

How to be honest with yourself

Kristin educates on how self-honesty will transform a person’s self-worth by providing the ability to improve areas previously hidden by self-deception. Being honest is the key ingredient to recognizing your weakness’s. By coaching you to re-define “weakness” from a negative to a positive, she helps you turn your flaws into strengths. Resulting in a perfected “YOU.”

About Kristin Sheffer

Kristin offers several different coaching options to meet various individual needs. If clients are unable to commit to in-person coaching, they take advantage of one of her online programs. Her newest program called The Purpose Project is launching in January, arriving just in time for individuals who want to become the best versions of themselves in 2016. In this 21-day program, clients are walked through a process that will identify and eliminate the needless distractions that are preventing that person from finding desired success. Leaving a clear-headed, motivated, inspired mind and armed with an action plan to carry that inspiration out.

Kristin also has a new book called Selfless Development: How to Find Your Purpose. Selfless Development is the roadmap to finding personal freedom. She restores simplicity to life’s more complex concepts gently reminding clients not to be so overwhelmed. The book gives practical action steps to take to jumpstart this journey and begin achieving instant clarity, energy, contentment, and joy. This book, used in conjunction with The Purpose Project maximizes the individual’s transformative experience.

Kristin Sheffer would be a great personality to interview on how to set constructive New Year’s resolutions.

For more information please visit

10 Toys That Stimulate The Imagination

I love watching my kids play with the classic toys, like blocks, balls, cars, and dolls. Knowing that they do more than just entertain, that they help with the development process is always a plus. The "new-fangled" toys with bells and whistles seem to take over my home, but I try to work in time every day with the classics, which really isn't that hard with my two. I love seeing their sense of adventure and imaginations grow day-by-day. Today, I want to share 10 toys that can help stimulate your little's imagination.

While some of this list are toys that I learned about and studied while pursuing a degree in elementary education, others are ones that I have learned more about since becoming a mom.

1. Dress up clothes. I know it is obvious but true.

2. Blocks (of any kind)- Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright grew up playing with blocks?

3. Puzzles

4. Dinosaur/ Animal Play Sets

5. Cars

6. Dolls

7. Musical Instruments

8. Play Dough

9. Occupational play sets (building, cooking, mail, etc)

10. Found Items. I actually love watching my kids play with cardboard boxes, empty spice containers, paper tubes, and more. It amazes me seeing what they come up with.

This may seem an obvious list, but I am continuously amazed by the parents that forget about these toys and rely solely on toys with bells and whistles. Just think, you don't even have to buy anything- just give them a box and let their imaginations run wile.

Book Review: Jesus Helps Me

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own. 

I am always looking for books to help my children understand God, his purpose for us, and his love for us. More than that, I am looking for ways to help my children grow in their love for God. Graham Blanchard has become a go-to resource for my quest and their newest book Jesus Helps Me, has become a staple in our reading time. 

Jesus Helps me ($8.99), by Callie Grant is part of the Knowing My God series. These books, "Learn Books," are a specialized group of books by Graham Blanchard that cover 4 levels of exploration: a bible passage, real-world photographs, supportive captions that relate the scripture to a child's life, and thinking questions to get the conversation going with your child. 

Jesus Helps Me explores the passage John 12: 44-47. It helps children get a deeper knowledge of Jesus' words and his quest to help everyone to believe in him. 

This book has gorgeous photos and I love how the scripture is spaced throughout the book to help children understand the different parts and take it in, instead of trying to understand the passage as a whole. My children and I have enjoyed exploring Jesus' words and having conversations about Jesus. I have been amazed at the conversations that have come up during reading. 

Graham Blanchard

How To Always Send Birthday Cards On Time

I don't know about you, but birthdays tend to creep up on me and then I find myself searching for one and delivering it the day of the birthday or adding in a "belated birthday" message and feeling guilty for not remembering a loved one's big day. A few years ago, I found a solution that works perfectly.

This is a fairly simple process that takes a bit of time to get set up, but will save a lot of time throughout the year.

What you need: 

  1. Perpetual Calendar
  2. Boxes of birthday cards (and special ones for special people)
  3. A Calendar with pockets (ours comes from the local power co-op each year)
  4. Sticky Notes
  5. Stamps (although these could be purchased each month)
While this process is simple, the time is what is spent! 

Super Simple Steps:

  • Make sure your perpetual calendar is filled out with birthdays and anniversaries
  • Fill out each birthday card for the entire year (do not seal)
  • If you want to add a gift or money, write it on a sticky note and attach to the front of the card. 
  • Stamp the cards (although this step can be done as you mail it. 
  • Divide the cards by month, but put the first week of the month with the previous month. You will have a month's worth of cards together, but the first birthdays of the month will still be on time. 
  • Stick the cards in the appropriate pocket. 
  • At the beginning of each month, pull the cards, check for stickies, seal and mail. 
  • Be known as the woman who does it all and sends birthday cards on time. 

Spring Time, Travel Time, Go Time! Don’t Leave Home Without Your 'Fruit-to-Go'

FAIRFIELD, NJ – February 2, 2016 – Say ‘good-bye’ to cabin fever! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning and, with an early spring in our future, we are a nation on the go.

For some of us that means a spring vacation or road trip; for others, a hiking, biking, extended walks with Fido, soccer-Mom time, or a few extra trips to the gym. Whatever your destination this spring, don’t leave home without Crispy Fruit from Crispy Green. It’s like picking fresh fruit from the tree and tossing it into your purse, pocket or tote bag—the quintessential ‘on-the-go’ snack! Just as healthy, delicious and satisfying as fresh fruit, without the drips, sticky fingers or a potential juicy foundation of yuck in the kiddos’ car seats!

A smart and lightweight snack option, Crispy Fruit is simply 100% pure fruit, freeze-dried to perfection, resulting in a light, crispy texture for maximum taste and no mess. It comes in a variety of flavors including tangerine, apple, asian pear, banana, cantaloupe, mango and pineapple. The freeze-drying process results in a light crispy texture that snacks like a chip, but has all the nutrients of fresh fruit. Crispy Fruit comes in individual, single-serving packets that are easy to pop into lunch boxes, soccer bags, overnight totes and backpacks. It really is “fruit-to-go” and can go anywhere—it’s even TSA-approved.

All Crispy Fruit flavors are also available in a convenient "Grab & Go" 6-pack – six single-serving bags (MSRP: $7.99) or individual, single-serving bags (MSRP: $1.49 each) that provide approximately one serving of fruit and 55 calories or less per bag.

Crispy Green is committed to the health and nutrition of kids and adults alike. So much so, that they will be providing fun activities and plenty of Crispy Fruit to help kids learn about nutrition at the upcoming Kids Food Festival on March 5-6 at Bryant Park in New York City.

Crispy Fruit is available online and in retailers such as The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, ShopRite, Giant Eagle Market District, Earth Fare, Ahold, Schnucks, Dierbergs, King Kullen, and selected Whole Foods markets. To find a retailer in your area that carries Crispy Fruit, go to For more information, please visit



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