3 Ways To Organize With Tape

I will warn you. I am a little obsessed with tape. Seriously- all kinds! Magnet, glow in the dark tape, washi, it really doesn't matter. If it sticks, I want it. I use tape a good bit when I am organizing. Today, I'm going to share a few ways that tape helps keep me sane!

1. Stay Put! I use velcro tape for anything that needs to stay in its place. This may be remotes, pens, charts, and anything else that I want to stay in a particular place and do not want it to be easy for the kids to pick up. I even use velcro tape in school!

2. Planning! I use a variety of tape rollers (to glue down sticky notes), washi tape, paper tape, and even post-it tape while planning months and weeks. It is especially great for blocking off days for vacation, special projects, and anything else that will change your schedule drastically. I use it on the weeks for dividing up my days and more.

3. Labels! I like using masking tape to write labels on things. I also use chalkboard tape for this. I use washi tape to color code everything!!! Seriously, my, my husbands, and both kids electronics accessories are color coded with washi tape- even our rechargeable batteries are.

This is how I use tape to organize on a daily basis. However, I'm always finding new ways to use a variety of tape. For instance, I keep a roll of painters tape in my paranormal equipment bag for taping down cords and marking the placement of items that move. I also keep it in our school supplies for  impromptu hands-on lessons. I have recently discovered anti slip tape that is truly amazing. My husband's elderly grandparents live next door and we are always worrying about them slipping and falling. We put anti-slip tape down at steps and other places that may be slippery to help prevent falls.

See why I love tape?!

Thirty-One Gifts Offers $1 Enrollment for New Consultants

(COLUMBUS, OH) – October 3, 2016 – Thirty-One Gifts, one of the world’s largest direct-selling organizations, announces it is offering a limited-time $1 enrollment for potential sales consultants.

From now through October 14, potential sales consultants may now choose between the $1 enrollment or the traditional $99 enrollment in the U.S., which includes a starter kit of products and marketing materials for new consultants.

The new $1 enrollment does not include the starter kit, but does include a personal Thirty-One website with a monthly fee of $14.95. It also includes access to online versions of learning and business materials, plus access to marketing materials.

Consultants enrolling in the new program will sell products via online parties. As new consultants earn products through sales incentives, they may expand their businesses with home parties and catalog parties – where a hostess shares the Thirty-One catalog and collects orders for a period of time.

Through direct selling, sales consultants run their own businesses, working as much or as little as they want. Many women join in order to supplement their own or a spouse’s income or to earn money for something special.

To learn more, visit the Thirty-One Gifts website at http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/join/.

About Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts is the 38th largest direct-selling company in the world, offering purses and wallets, totes, home organization solutions and d├ęcor, jewelry and more. The company, however, is about much more than its products. Thirty-One is a family of individuals who share a passion for empowering women, and who are committed to celebrating, encouraging and rewarding others for who they are.

The name Thirty-One Gifts comes from Proverbs 31, of the Bible, which describes the attributes and the importance of a “virtuous woman.”

With a mission to help women by giving them the opportunity to own their own businesses, Thirty-One provides all the tools and support necessary to find success and possibly build a new career.

Cindy Monroe started Thirty-One in her basement in 2003. From those humble beginnings they’ve grown to include 82,000 independent sales Consultants across the U.S. and Canada – many of whom are reaching their dreams through this opportunity.

# # #

Mom Problems: Wellness, Who Has Time For That?

As moms, we take care of everyone around us. Our husbands, children, parents, and even the community come first. At times, we neglect ourselves. In fact, just last month, I had this conversation with my doctor. It's great to take care of others, but part of that is actually taking care of ourselves as well. If we are not healthy, or if we are no longer here, we cannot care for those we love most.

A few of the areas that tend to be neglected the most are our skin, diet, weight, sleep, and overall health. We run around and worry about everyone else and what they are eating, which may not be the best for us. We have so many sleepless nights worrying about our children and their health, fears, and futures. When I was pregnant with TBomb, I was told that once he was born, I would never have a restful night sleep again and they were right. Somnapure Sleep Aid is a great help with this problem!

Never fear, though, hope is not lost. There is help out there. No matter your lifestyle, there is a routine, product, or plan that someone else has come up with that will help you get your life and health on track again!

Are you looking for a quick product that will help ease the look of wrinkles? Novuderm Skin Care is a collagen product that promises a dramatic decrease in the look of your wrinkles. I know I could use this help!

Listen moms: to be able to take care of those around you, you must also take care of yourself!

10 Tech Tools For Teachers and Homeschool Parents

I love technology. I love bringing technology into our homeschool classroom, especially when it will expand our knowledge, entertain and teach the kids, or keep me more organized. Today I want to share 10 different tech tools I have come across that are great for teachers and homeschool parents. These are all either tools that I currently use or will use as the year progresses.

1. Pinterest... I know, duh! 

2. Youtube is full of knowledge. My kids to get to watch a science video once a week during school. I like being able to find things posted by teachers, scientists, and educational cartoons in one place. 

3. Newsela is an amazing resource, especially for young readers. Newsela takes stories from popular news outlets and "levels" them for different reading levels, allowing kids to understand what is going on in the world and improve in literacy. It is also helping to teach students very important critical thinking skills, that are lacked by so many. The CEO founded the company after his son was given a Dr. Seuss book to read while other students were reading chapter books - not only disempowering his son but also helping him realize that teachers don’t have the tools to deal with students reading at different levels. 

4. StartWrite is a great handwriting worksheet software that is really easy to use. I like to use it to make copywork sheets.

5. Wonderopolis "where the wonders of learning never cease," is a great place to get information and fun facts to accompany a lesson. I like to use it during our "question of the day," when Tbomb can't think of a question.

6. Teach With Movies provides free lesson plans to accompany movies for just about any subject.

7. Space Place, brought to you by NASA, provides fun and educational lessons for kids on space.

8. PBS online gives access to online programming for almost any subject matter.

9. Kid Courses. Is there something you want your students to learn, but do not feel comfortable teaching or want to learn with them?  KidCourses may be the answer, I am especially fond of the sign language courses.

10. Typing Club is a free way to teach kids to type. Great concept!

Keeping Kids Healthy With #Glovies + Test Results

My kids have been spending more time in doctor's offices than usual lately and this will not be slowing down anytime soon. Not only am I having dental work done, but my poor Snapper is still not talking. She was tested for Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is not on the spectrum and is a very social child. Besides talking, she was right where she is supposed to be as far as developmentally speaking. The doctors did say that she has some anxiety, though, that they want to watch- most likely because she cannot talk. They did say that she obviously wants to, so that is more testing for us. I just want answers so that I can help my precious little girl reach her full potential and be happy. So, there is more testing for us.

Disclaimer: I did receive samples to facilitate my review. However, all opinions are my own.

With all these doctor visits, my kids have been battling colds like crazy, one time taking the whole family out of commission. I give them a zinc, echinecia, vitamin c blend, but this just isn't enough. I've been searching for a way to keep them from picking up germs in waiting rooms. When it is a three hour visit, it is hard for little ones to sit still. Glovies came to my rescue!
Glovies are disposible, mulitpurpose gloves for kids. They are perfect for art projects, cleaning, staying germ-free, sensory issues, and so much more. We have used them for craft projects, but mostly for visiting doctors, where they are needed the most.

I keep several pair, along with a few antibacterial wipes, in each kids' backpack. This way, they are always with them. If they have sat too long, tablets have died, schoolwork is finished, and they get bored, they can play with the toys. However, they have to leave the gloves on and clean their hands after they are done (we've had too many colds!)

I think these would be perfect for all families to keep on hand. They fit up to age 9, and have a ton of puposes. You can even use them for baking, crafts, public restrooms, potty training, chores, dog cleanup, and so much more. They are a great price too! Just $12.99 for a box of 100. Definitely worth it to me!

For more tips on keeping your family germ free, visit the My Mom Knows Best Blog!

Health Items to Store at Home

Whether you have a household full of kids or live as a single person, keeping certain health items around the house is a critical choice. Disasters can occur at nearly any time, and professional help may not be at your disposal. On your next shopping trip, stock up on these common items that will help you stay safe in times of emergency.

The Basic First-Aid Kit

Begin with the basics in your emergency kit, including the first-aid container. This kit should have an ample supply of bandages, gauze, tape and antiseptics. Take a close look at the size of the kit before you buy it. Some kits are designed for a certain household size. Ideally, pick a kit that's slightly larger than your current household size so that you can serve everyone with ease.

Drug Screening Tools

A big part of staying healthy is understanding the drugs that are possibly within a person's system. Although you may not have professional drug hardware, such as an HIV ELISA kit, there are household testing tools that you can buy. Test a loved one for drugs so that they don't have any issues with other medications taken at the same time. You can save a life with this one kit.

Water Supplies Galore

Humans cannot live for very long without water in their system. Before you work on another section of your health supplies, purchase many bottles of water. In fact, buy more water than you think you'll drink or use in a given week. If an emergency sets in where municipal water supplies aren't available, those bottled products will save a life.

Blankets, Canned Items and More

Your health also depends on the sheltering items that you keep on hand. Being exposed to cold conditions can hurt a person as much as a disease. Stock several thick blankets, hats and gloves at your home. Add to your water supply by purchasing canned foods that will provide energy and nourishment too.

Extra batteries, a radio and stocked prescriptions are just a few of the other items that should be on hand as part of your emergency stock. Take a close look at what items you might use on a daily basis that are absolute necessities. If you cannot live a day without that item, add some of them to your emergency stock pile. You'll be as prepared as possible when an emergency strikes.