Save Money On Everyday Purchases With Groupon Coupons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

I write a log about how I organized the kids for our days out and about, but today I'm going to share how I manage those days and share how to save some money. Lets start with the beginning- lets get the kids loaded and guess what? I probably forgot my coffee, that is normal for me! But, at least that is all I forgot. Now, we're headed to an appointment, then lunch. After that, there is another appointment, followed by a snack and some run time at the park. Lets finish that day off by stopping by and picking up packages or printing and then heading for some grocers (and yes, more shop time). That may seem like a lot of money spending for one trip, but Groupon Coupons can help with that! 

For some reason, we don't receive a lot of flyers with coupons. Maybe its because we do not subscribe to the paper, or it may be where we live. Either way, the few coupons we do get do not seem worth the hassle to save 50 cent. When I discovered Groupon Coupons, all that changed. In a single trip out, I can find coupons for most of the places we stop. 

Either the night before, or while I have my coffee, I'm going to hop on over to Groupon and check to see what kind of deals I can get. Now, the deals offered are always changing, so be sure to snag the ones you want and check back often. Some days, I might be able to get a great deal on a coffee to go, or even on lunch for everyone- maybe I'll get the grandparents to meet us for lunch if I get a good enough deal. 

While we are waiting at the Doctor's I can shop online with Groupon and purchase gifts from Toys R' Us without the kids wanting everything they see. I could also order flowers for the sick aunt, and look at new computers to see if I can get a deal good enough at Best Buy

Now it is time for Groceries! Groupon Coupons make it easy to shop and save at Walmart! I shop Walmart for the convenience and the prices, but now I can save even more. There are 87 coupons, with 86 sales and 6 in-store offers for today. There is even the possibility of getting a discount when you pick your online order up in-store! You are saving shipping and now even more! 

These coupons are easy to use with a smart phone- either online or in store. It takes very little effort to save a lot of money! You can't lose with GrouponCoupons! 

30 Milestones in Early Childhood Brain Development

The human mind learns a lot within its first five years, and this period is therefore undoubtedly a crucial one for brain development. We created this list to give budding early childhood education students an insight into the varied stages of neurological growth and development in children. Hopefully the article will also assist such students’ future academic choices as a consequence.

Infancy and early childhood are undoubtedly important stages in brain development. After all, from birth to their fifth year children will be constantly developing the skills necessary not only for speaking, writing and walking but also for social interaction, self-awareness and cognition. And, needless to say, all such skills prepare children for later life.

Psychologists and neuroscientists have, moreover, been fascinated with the ways in which babies and young children learn from their surroundings, and their research has provided valuable insight into how the human brain adapts to the outside world.

The following list article examines the 30 most definitive moments in child development and uses various expert findings to map out how and when a young person’s brain typically reaches these crucial milestones. For those studying early childhood education, this may shed new light on the intricacies of young minds and what to expect when it comes to children’s learning and development.


To create this list, we examined a variety of authoritative sources detailing key milestones in early childhood brain development. These include the following:

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Developmental Milestones
• Child Mind Institute, “Parents Guide to Developmental Milestones
• Women’s and Children’s Health Network, “Milestones: Children 0-4 Years
• NHS Choices, “Birth to five development timeline

In order to decide which milestones to include, we took into account those that appeared most frequently on the aforementioned lists as well as those which seem to contribute most towards learning in a child’s early stages. For this last determining factor, we took into consideration different aspects of neurological development – including sight, cognition and social and motor skills – in order to create the most balanced and diverse portrait of human growth possible.

Lastly, the ordering was organized chronologically, with the article progressing from the earliest to the latest milestones typically achieved by a child.

To read the milestones and what characterizes each, visit the full article at Early Childhood Education Degrees.

Book Review: God Loves Mommy & Me #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. However, all opinions are my own.

I cannot say enough how much I love books, especially children's books. The ones that teach kids about God and God's love hold a special place in my heart and I love watching my kids develop the same love for books that I have. This particular book now stays in my daughter's bed with her because she loves it so much!

Mommy loves me so much! She cheers me up when I’m sad, she kisses my boo-boos, she sings me lullabies at bedtime, and she prays for me. I love Mommy, and God does too!

God Loves Mommy and Me will delight your little ones as you read about the sweet connection mothers and their children share. Snuggle up as you look at adorable illustrations of a mommy bunny and her little bunny sharing the day’s adventures, and read about the loving relationship God gives mommies and their children. Little ones revel in one-on-one time with each parent, and the phrase “Mommy and me” is a favorite with toddlers!

God Loves Mommy and Me is a celebration of strong, loving mothers, cherished little ones, and the God who loves them all. Perfect for storytime, bedtime, or anytime, this sweet board book celebrates God’s gift of family.

God Loves Mommy and Me, by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, is just the most adorable book. Just in time for spring and Mother's Day, these beautiful illustrations and the precious story is the perfect way to teach little ones about God being our Father. He cares for us like our parents. When we are hurt, our mommy kisses our scraped knees. When our hearts hurt, God kisses them. What a wonderful way to teach this to our children at an early age!

Are you interested in winning a copy for your children? Just visit Blessed Freebies for your chance to win a copy of God Loves Mommy and Me! 

Keep Kids Organized On The Go: Do It With #ThirtyOneGifts

Disclaimer: I received products to review and facilitate this project. However, all opinions are my own. 

As I get older, I become more and more of a homebody. However with Tbomb and Snapper's needs (doctor, therapy, testing, etc), and the fact that we homeschool, we have to get out and about more than I would like. However, we turn appointments into full-day excursions, with lunch out (sometimes a picnic), something fun, and shopping. We just get it all done at once and we like it that way!

This also means I have to be prepared with activities and everything we need for a full day. This includes snacks, first aid, and more. We take tablets to doctors appointments (they can only use them after their worksheets are finished). The kids have always carried backpacks with them, but only the small ones (the others are way too big) and they come with problems of their own- no drink holders, not sturdy, and I've had to buy a new one each year- for kids that do not go to a public school, that is a lot of backpack buying. Luckily, this summer, Thirty-One came to the rescue!

These backpacks are absolutely perfect! There are two mesh pockets on the sides for water bottles or drinks (we use one for their leashes and sunglasses so they are handy.) The handles make them easy to carry from the top, they have padding, the straps are comfortable and do not burn the shoulders if wearing a tank top. The bag itself is extremely sturdy. I won't have to buy another until they outgrow these! A win for mom!!! There is plenty of room for everything they need! 

The basics that are kept in their backpacks are below. 
All items fit comfortably, with room for an extra toy or such. 

Folder with worksheets
Spiral Notebook 
Activity bag with games and school supplies
Small bag for doll items (they both take their 18" dolls everywhere)
Water Bottle
Change of clothes 
Diapers and travel potty for snapper
Calm down stick
Couple toys
First aid kit
sunscreen/ lip balm
Hanging on the backpacks are hand sanitizer and if lost tags 

This is what I have found works the best for us, but each family is different. If you are setting up a bag for your child, I encourage you to really consider my list, which is what we have settled with after 3 years of doing this. I also encourage you to encourage some art and school into the bag. 

Here is the activity bag, which was really fun to put together!


Lil' Go Backpack
This amazing new backpack from Thirty-One is perfect for young school-aged children that aren't quite ready for a full-size backpack. It is also perfect for homeschool kids that do not need to carry around a lot of books. Is mom tired of fighting with her purse falling off her shoulders while traveling or running errands? Use the Lil' Go Backpack from Thirty-One Gifts! 
Fold-Up Family Organizer
In one pocket (left to right) are a coloring book, multi-color pen, dry erase crayon, dry erase notebook, pouch with pencils and school supplies, and a multi-color crayon. The next pouch is our stress ball and fidget toy, the next is a lacing activity. The last pouch has a magna doodle, hairy werewolf game, and a couple of other activities that are great for in the car. I used the Fold-Up Family Organizer from Thirty-One Gifts to make one for each child. 

Image result for digital camo cool clip thermal
The Cool-Clip Thermal from Thirty-One is one of my absolute favorites. We have been using these for quite some time and they are perfect. A lunch fits perfect, as do snacks, and drinks. I send their lunch to their great-grandparents in these and take them on our days out. They love having their own "lunch box" like daddy does. They fit a compartment lunch container perfectly or several smaller items. It clips onto their backpacks or fit into my tote perfectly- whichever works best for that day! 

Hanging Traveler Case
I love this Hanging Traveler Case from Thirty-One for the kids' tablets. It is absolutely perfect. Their tablets can be placed in the top to watch a movie without taking them out of the protective case. There is a handle that allows it to hang, as well as the outside handle for carrying. There is another clear pocket in the front (bottom) that they can put their tablets in if they are sitting on the floor or at a table. There is also plenty of room for headphones, chargers, and battery packs. Want to know something even better? I can even fit their travel DVD players (we have dual screen ones that also act as two sperate DVD players) and accessories in them. The DVD players will fit in the pockets for viewing as well. This means that I do not have to have two separate things for the tablets and DVD players! It is awesome. There are pockets for organizing accessories, but because they are young, I use zipper pockets to differentiate between tablet accessories and DVD player accessories. I have never found anything more perfect or their gadgets! (We only take DVD players when we are traveling, but It is amazing to have an all-in-one solution!)


How It All Comes Together: 

I know this may seem like a lot, but it really isn't and it will definitely be worth it in the long run. To begin with- their backpacks stay packed hanging in their room. The Cool-Clip Thermal stays hanging on it, and the Fold-Up Family Organizer stays inside them. Then, when we get ready to go, we grab their backpacks, throw in their chosen toy(s) for the day, I add a water bottle and snacks/ lunch and we are good to go. 

If we have appointments, we grab the Hanging Traveler Case and add in their tablets and headphones. They shoulder backpacks, carry tablet cases, and we are out the door for the day with everything we need. 

This is also helping them to learn independence and responsibility and I'm not having to carry everything! I carry the specifics for appointments, my purse, and other things we need for the day (library books to return, gifts to deliver, mail to send, etc). 

Look how organized they are: 

Jesus Healed the Blind: Eyes are Important #FoundationForFightingBlindness

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for writing this post. However, this is something I feel strongly about and I feel we should all be informed about. 

When Jesus healed the blind man, he did more than a miracle. He taught us an important lesson. He taught us to take care of the bodies God gave us to the best of our abilities. In His time, there were no ophthalmologists or doctors, so people had to rely on His miracles to be cured. This was a time of miracles and no science. In today's time, we have doctors for everything. Guess what?! That is a miracle in itself. God gave these doctors and the doctors before them the knowledge and the abilities so that they can help us take care of the bodies He gave us. 

Jesus Healed the Blind, so we should care about people who are blind, learn more about a common curable eye disease, AMD. Download the PDF packet

Information about the public service announcement can be found on the ffb site. 

TreasureLives Seeks to Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Destigmatization during National Volunteer Week


Be A Hero! Spread The Word and Save Lives!

Encinitas, CA. National Volunteer Week is April 23-29, 2017. This is the time of year when many people strive to take time out of their busy lives to make a difference in the lives of others. TreasureLives, a suicide prevention and mental health awareness organization, is seeking assistance spreading the word about their missions of preventing suicides and destigmatizing mental illness.

This year, TreasureLives will be using all proceeds to fund their transition to non-profit status. Once this is accomplished, they will be able to receive grants for programs the organization strives to create and to produce and distribute more products promoting mental wellness.

TreasureLives teaches that it doesn’t take much to be a hero. The smallest act in your eyes can make an immense difference in the life of another. The simplest, most effective thing you can do is to spread the word via social media using TreasureLives’ hashtags: #TreasureLives, #PauseNotStop, #AwesomeHero, and #ZeroSuicides.

TreasureLives has outlined “A Dozen Ways to Donate.” These suggestions range from a simple act of sharing to hosting a fundraiser: the options include a variety of skill sets and time requirements. Visit by April 29, 2017, to make a volunteer pledge. You will be rewarded by having your name, company, photo, and/or logo on the TreasureLives Wall of Heroic Volunteers. You even have the opportunity to receive a special gift!

To locate TreasureLives’ social media links, learn specific ways you can help and to pledge a volunteer act, visit If you would like to make a financial donation to assist in TreasureLives’ transition to non-profit status, please visit To donate via PayPal, go to International donations are welcome. All who participate will be mentioned on a special Heroic Volunteers page on the TreasureLives website at

Please run this article. If you wish to interview Melody Nolan, founder of TreasureLives, or for additional information, contact Cari George at or call (760) 298-3144.

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