Two St. Louis dads put their heads together to produce brainskinz™ interchangeable-shell helmets

St. Louis (July 26, 2016) - After five years in the making, Brainskinz Helmet Systems, LLC has officially launched its line of brainskinz™ interchangeable-shell helmets. Combining safety and style, brainskinz™ helmets have been thoughtfully designed with kids in mind.

“I kept seeing kids, time and again, riding without helmets all over the neighborhood,” said founding partner, John Polansky. “They’d often have their helmets with them, but dangling from their handlebars. I eventually started to question them on this and was continuously told that they either didn’t like the way their helmets looked, or they didn’t like the way they felt. I was determined to figure out a way to make kids want to wear their helmets while out biking or skateboarding, and knew that it was a matter of combining function and form with a bit of personal expression.”

Industrial design engineers at Fred Sparks (, along with Polansky himself, designed both the “Base” helmet which brainskinz calls “function,” as well as the decorative “Shells” which brainskinz calls “form.”

The base helmet is comfortably outfitted with soft, satiny padding, an adjustable clasp-style chinstrap, and a dial-fit that perfectly conforms to a child’s head. The base helmet meets safety testing requirements for bicycling and skateboarding, and can be worn with or without a shell. “The shell, however, is kinda the whole point,” said partner Brad Gilmore. “Choosing and changing the shell is where the fun comes in. Kids love being able to express themselves, changing out the shell based on whatever mood or style they’re feeling that day.”

Design elements have come from Boxing Clever ( among others, with new shell designs expected monthly.


About brainskinz

brainskinz™ are fun, changeable helmets that your kids will love to wear! brainskinz™ are colorful, playful, and just plain fun. brainskinz™ can be worn pretty much any time your kids are in motion, and when they get tired of a design, they can simply detach the current Shell and choose another from their collection. Keeping it fresh means keeping them on their melons!

Get More From Your Snack

Everyone gets hungry between meals, right? But snacking can quickly get the best of anyone with the healthiest of eating habits. But a few strategies can help you get more—vitamins, nutrients, fiber, protein—from your between-meal eating.

It’s even more important when you understand that snacking, not meals, is becoming more and more of a way of life. People aren’t snacking just once, but up to five times, and some are always eating, all the time.

When it comes to snacks, focusing on protein and fiber are key. Both those dietary elements fill the stomach for longer periods of time, improving immunity and blood sugar levels. And those snacks are surprisingly diverse—avocado on toast, for example, or goat cheese-stuffed dates and saucy egg toast. And diversifying your snacks will also help you to avoid dietary boredom.

Want to learn more about snacking well? Use the ideas in this graphic. (Read the original article here)

How household chores can inspire your kid to be a better student

Parenting is, without a doubt, a challenging and sometimes too overwhelming task. You are supposed to make your kid a responsible adult through various activities, including cleaning. Of course, the majority of parents ask their kids to do their homework before asking them for help around the household or anything else, but do you think that there is a connection between school and cleaning chores? To be more precise, do you think that you can motivate your kid to pass exams with flying colours and be the best student in the class through the performance of different cleaning activities? Believe it or not that's absolutely possible.

  • Asking your kids to wash the dishes, tidy up their room or help you take the clothes out the dryer and fold them actually means you teach them to be more organized. You can also make a list of chores such as tidying up the room, doing the homework, taking care of the pet and competing a small cleaning task. Then, check the consequence of the procedures your kids performed and if necessary discuss it with them and emphasize of the importance of prioritizing.
  • Decide whether it is appropriate to set a timer for every project you assign them to. Some kids just cannot perform anything under pressure and failure will demotivate them instead of encouraging them to learn new things and balance between different tasks.
  • Raising a kid who never manages to hand in the homework on time and is careless towards school project is not easy at all. You have to be armed with a lot of patience to find a way to motivate him/ her. Of course, some school subjects will be more interesting to your kid than others, so you can try to find his passion through cleaning. In order to motivate the kid to learn, SuperCleaners N14 are advising you to ask for help in the kitchen. Culinary is an art and a science and the best cooks have mastered the skill of managing their time. They also know the proper quantity of the ingredients that make the meal delicious.
  • Cooking definitely motivates your kids to learn different things, but the mess after the preparation of the meal can also play a role for making them understand the importance of the proper organization. Don't hesitate to ask for help with the clean-up. This way, you will teach your kids that finishing a certain task from the beginning to the end is essential.
  • Limit distractions and provide your kids with a quiet place where they can prepare their homework. The access to Internet can be a double-edged sword. Your child might use it to finish the homework, but at the same time, they can get distracted by the release of new TV series.
  • Ask your children to take the responsibility of keeping the place clean. Explain your kid that scattered papers and books on the floor, overflowing trash bin are not acceptable. Establishing a cleaning routine or a chart can help your kids be more organized.

You should not expect your children to have excellent marks in all subjects. Some kids are interested in maths while others are interested in studying languages, for example. The point is that you should teach your kids that even if they dislike a certain subject, it does not mean they should neglect it. Make it clear that later in life, they will be required to take responsibility and do stuff they are not particularly keen on but regardless, they are responsible for its completion.

Amber, thank you for this wonderful guest post to The Palmetto Queen. Amber is from London. She runs a small cleaning company. Aside from her business she loves reading and writing articles about cleaning, home organization and decoration.

Win an #iLounge and Have Even More Summer Fun

Disclaimer: I have been provided an iLounge for my own use and one to giveaway. I have not been compensated in any other way. 

I don't know about you, but I have been dreaming over this amazing seat from #iLoungeUSA. I spend most of my time outside in the summer, even when I'm working. I love laying by the pool when I'm scheduling social media, reading, or even doing research. I don't like the uncomfortable chairs or being splashed, though. I figured that iLounge would be the perfect solution for this.

Take summertime chilling to a new level with iLounge, the tranquil and fun way to enjoy all summer activities. Whether floating in the pool, relaxing on the beach or enjoying an exciting camping adventure, iLounge is the recreational accessory you want to have close by.

iLounge is an innovative, unique lounge bed that can be inflated simply with the swirl of a breeze, since it captures air for inflation. The product is made of a lightweight, Eco-friendly, water resistant, and strong fabric that can withstand any type of environment, including rock and asphalt, and can hold the weight of a few adults. Features of the product include a water bottle holder, umbrella anchor, sun canopy, a waterproof pouch, smartphone holder, magazine pouch and bottle opener.

Can you think of a better way to enjoy the summer? I can't! It is great for on the go, whether that is the beach, festivals, camping, day at the lake, or even hanging around home. Get you an iLounge today and enjoy the summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed! 

The iLounge retails st $129.99 and comes in these colors: Caribbean turquoise, electric coral orange, electric lime green and yellow, flamingo fuchsia, orange peel, peach cobbler, magenta, violet, peony pink and royal and powder blue.

Guess what?!?!

You can win one. I promise this will be simple! Just follow iLounge across their social media, then visit their website and tell me what your favorite feature of the iLounge is. Be sure to include your email address and what color you would like!

Social Media:

I will choose a winner on July 13, 2016 update: We had a tragedy in the family, so I have not gotten my usual promoting and work done. Because of this, a winner will be chosen on July 20th instead. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

4 Ways To Have Fun This Summer With #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. 

Did you know that Oriental Trading is a one-stop shop for all things summer fun? Lucky for me, I've known this for years and love to utilize Oriental Trading in all that I do- school, parties, church, business, and especially summer fun for the kids. Here are some ways to keep summer exciting, keep the kids from getting bored, and make every day like a party in your back yard. Get everything you need straight from

1. Host A Luau

What says summer more than a Luau? Why not throw a big one this summer. Even better, go ahead and have the items you need on hand and throw them periodically throughout the summer? Say, every other Saturday. You could have one for each group- family, friends, kids' friends, boy scouts, and even a neighborhood block party. Oriental Trading has everything you need to throw the luau of the century, go ahead and get some grass skirts and limbo sets!

Luau Decorations

2. Pool Fun

Stock the pool this summer with new floats, games, and the patio with amazing dinner and drinkware to really set the mood. When the kids have water volleyball, will they really get bored that easily? Mine won't! Check out the outdoor toys offered by Oriental Trading!

Inflatable Under the Sea Giant Animals

3. Glow Fun

My kids are obsessed with glow sticks, I mean really obsessed. We have them everywhere and still never seem to have enough. On the weekends, when the kids can be outside later, we load the kids up with glow sticks and set them free in the yard. We tie them to boundaries (trees so that they do not go into the woods, bushes, and a certain distance up the driveway), hide them around the yard to be found, and even let them make fake fire with them! They love having glow sticks when they catch lightning bugs. For older kids, you could even do a snipe hunt or other games after dark with them. 

Premium Glow

4. Indoor Fun

Certain times of the day it is just too hot during the summer to play outside. I work from home, so I work from my laptop while they play outside. However, about lunch time every day, we head in the house to cool off. It gets too hot in South Carolina, so I am always looking for ways to keep them calm and entertained, especially when they would rather be outside, or in the pool. Oriental Trading has a ton of activities that will keep your kids busy inside and entertained, especially these games


Peter & The Wolf Party #PeterAndTheWolfApp

Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

Classical music has always been a huge part of my life. I was in choir and singing classes for over 12 years and was on a stage whenever it called. Many nights at home, my mom was playing classical music in an attempt to help me and my brothers retain what we were studying. Classical music seems to have left my life lately, though. I want it back, so when I heard about Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood, I was ecstatic. Even more so when I was selected for this party.

You can Learn more about Peter and the Wolf at

I was provided with everything I needed to host this party, except the kids. I was sent a $10 iTunes gift card, which I used as a prize, a Peter and the Wolf soundtrack, posters, buttons, coloring pages, party decor, craft supplies, snacks, party printables, and fun stuff from HP and iLoveToCreate, along with other fun goodies. We had an amazing party. Sadly, my lovely SD card erased itself, so I lost these photos, along with several of the kids doing fun nature stuff.

Image result for peter and the wolf party

For my party, I did a lunch time party, so my mommy friends could have a break. I set the table, served Wolf Wraps, Peter's Pita Pizzas, Pretzel Flutes, Jumping Jell-O Pools, popcorn, and a mix of veggies picked fresh out of the garden. The moms were happy sitting back and watching the kids enjoy their time together. It was a fun movie theater type lunch date, or at least that's what I was going for!

Wolf Wraps:
Portable and packed with protein, these small roll-ups will keep the party rollin!

  • Spreadable Cream Cheese
  • 10-Inch Whole Wheat Tortillas
  • Thinly Sliced Cheese
  • Thinly Sliced Turkey Lunch Meat
  1. Spread tortillas with a thin layer of cream cheese
  2. Place a single layer of cheese on top
  3. Place a single layer of turkey on top of the cheese
  4. Starting with the side closest to you, roll the tortillas up tightly. Trim off the ends
  5. Cut each tortilla into 6 or 8 slices
  6. Serve immediately or cover with plastic and refrigerate until ready to eat. 

We also had the chance to play some super-fun games. We played "Who am I?" using the buttons provided and played the music in the background. Using the wolf character button, we played Where in Hollywood is Mr. Wolf. We had an amazing adventure to find the escaped wolf- of course, I gave them clues along the way! 

Using items that we could easily find around the house, each child was able to make an instrument to take home. The instruments included Tambourine, Drum, and Guitar, When it was time to wind down, so the kids wouldn't be super crazy going home, I sat them at the table with Peter and the Wolf coloring pages and crayons while I somewhat got my house back in order and got to visit with my mommy friends. 

Would you like to have Peter and the Wolf right in your own living room? Well, you can- thanks to the iOs app. The iPhone version will contain the moviebook as well as a few features that will give you behind-the-scenes information. The Deluxe version for iPad features fun games you and your family can play, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and extras.You can download it from the iTunes store


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