The BeLOVED Life Pillow: Perfect Travel Pillow, Plus Inspiration

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

My Kids Have A New Favorite Thing!

My Son, Tbomb, has been helping me review this travel pillow from The BeLOVED Life, and has become obsessed with it. He carries this thing everywhere- in the car, in the living room to watch a movie, in his play tent outside, and even just to hang out by the fire pit. Tbomb has a LOT of camo items, so this pillow was a perfect addition. Plus, I always want him to remember that GOD is his refuge and strength. He loves telling people he meets about this as well. Yes, Snapper is obsessed as well, but she is just going to have to wait her turn. 

Of course, I love it too... for some very practical reasons. Not only do I love the scripture as a gentle reminder to our children that God is always with us. Plus, the tag is also a matching bookmark, perfect for their bibles. The designs are impressive as well, something for every child in your life. They were designed for tweens, but kids like very similar items to tweens, and this pillow is no different. 

It keeps them organized, as well. The strap is perfect. I wondered why no one else made a travel pillow with a strap, but it is a wonderful selling point for The BeLOVED Life. There are 3 other great features that I know you will love! 1. Durable construction- even play will not destroy this pillow! 2. There is a pocket sewn on- big enough for a blanket, throw, book, or even a stuffed animal. Tbomb keeps his camo throw in his. 3. (Possibly my favorite). There is a pocket with closure on the strap. It is large enough for a phone, crayons, or even a few small toys. Tbomb keeps his MP3 player in his and it is perfect. Kids could even use this pillow as a lap desk while traveling, 

This is a beautifully and ingeniously designed pillow with inspiration, it cannot get any better. 

Book Review: God Loves Daddy And Me

Disclaimer: I received a book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

My daddy is the best! He makes me belly laugh like no one else, he cheers me on, he forgives me when I make mistakes, and he tells me stories about how God loves us all. I love Daddy, and God does too!

God Love Daddy and Me will warm your heart and draw you close to your little ones as you read about the special relationship fathers and their children share. Curl up as you look at adorable illustrations of a daddy raccoon and his little raccoon sharing the day’s adventures, and read about the loving relationship God gives daddies and their children. Little ones revel in one-on-one time with each parent, and the phrase “Daddy and me” is a favorite with toddlers!

God Loves Daddy and Me is a celebration of kind, loving fathers, sweet and silly little ones, and the God who loves them all. Perfect for story time, bedtime, or any time, this sweet board book celebrates God’s gift of family.

I love all of these books, but especially this one. My kids loved explaining to their daddy how God loves them, plus daddy too! It was heartwarming to hear them tell their daddy all about God and how amazing he is. 

This was a well received book in our home and will be treasured for years to come. 

Did you know that you can enter to win a copy? Just visit here for details and your chance to win! 

31 Uses For The Zipper Pouch from #ThirtyOneGifts

I love my Thirty-One Zipper Pouch. I am always finding more uses for it and wishing I had more of them. Here are a few ways I have thought to use it.

1. Corral all the small things in your purse

2. Use it as a clutch

4. Stationery Pouch

5. Miniature Diaper Bag

6. Medications while traveling

7. Manicure Kit

8. Makeup Case

9.  Beach essentials

10. Change of clothes in diaper bag/ backpack

11. Organize Planner Supplies

12. Organize Glove Box 

13. Keep paperwork safe in your purse

14. First Aid Kit

15. Emergency Supplies

16. Allergy Kit

17. Sensory Kit for kids

18. Organize Electronics

19.  Corral snacks for a trip

20. Shoes in a suitcase

21. Keep track of books you are reading in a bag

22. Bible Case

23. Hide kids' surprises for a road trip

24. Hair Essentials

25. Store craft supplies

26. Shower supplies for a gym bag

27. Hang on a stroller for mom's essentials 

28. Computer Cables

29. Pack a lunch that does not have to be kept cold

30. Picnic supplies in the car

31. Almost anything- it is a very versatile pouch

Organize Kids' Sports and Activities With #ThirtyOneGifts

Kids always seem to have so much going on and it really isn't all that different in the summer. Between sports, dance, extra-curriculars, play-dates, sleepovers, and family activities, keeping them organized is a must.

My advice is to organize each activity or group of activity seperatly and keep it all ready to go. Then, you can simply grab and go. In the summer, I would keep these seperate from backpacks for "on the go," just as would would for school items.

Here are some Thirty-One Items to help you organize your kids' activities and sports.

All Packed Duffle

All Packed Duffel

This duffel is perfect for weekends away, stays with grandparents, sport trips, and more. It has plenty of room for everything they need. Does your kid have a lot of sports equipment? This duffel can carry it all. It even has a seperate compartment for shoes, so the mud from cleats doesn't get everywhere!

Cinch Sac

Cinch Sac

This cinch sac is a great go-to for a sleepover, sports, and club meetings. It is very versatile and sturdy- you can even have it embroidered for a specific use.

Cool Cinch Thermal

Cool Cinch Thermal

This thermal cinch bag is perfect! It can carry several drinks and snacks to keep your kids nourished and cool all day long. 

Large Utility Tote

Large Utility Tote

Well, these are good for everything!

 Mini Coin Purse

Mini Coin Purse

Help your kids keep up with Ids, insurance cards, money, schedules, and more. This can also be turned into a mini first aid kit! 
New Day Tote

New Day Tote

The New Day Tote can keep all of mom's essentials handy. Whether you are team mom, riding along on the bus for away games, or anything else. This tote can help keep mom organized and ready to go. 

“I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas,” First Holiday Movie To Use Equity Crowdfunding, Launched by Filmmakers with 4 Emmys® and an Oscar®.

Anyone Can Own a Piece of Hollywood Now –– the First Feature-Length Narrative, Investment Crowdfunded Movie in the United States Launches. Studio City, CA. 

That Christmas Movie LLC ( recently launched an investment crowdfunding campaign to produce the witty family comedy “I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas” — the first such opportunity of its kind in the United States. Investors responded and the campaign reached over 300% of its minimum goal within days on the premier equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine.

“Unlike Kickstarter campaigns — where you simply make donations or buy rewards — equity crowdfunding gives you a financial interest in an actual company. We’re giving audiences more than a movie. We’re giving them a chance to be part of the filmmaking process, as well as the chance to make money while doing so,” said producer/director David Willis, founder and CEO of That Christmas Movie LLC ( “Not only is I’ll Be Next Door For Christmas the world’s first Christmas movie to use investment crowdfunding, it is the very first feature-length narrative film to successfully do so in the United States. Now, the average person can have something big Hollywood stars get — a chance to make money from a movie.”

“We believe in this project, and we’re excited to tell the story,” said executive producer Jay Kogen, winner of four Emmys® for The Simpsons and Frasier, and currently executive producer on the hit Nickelodeon show School of Rock. “One of the cool things about people outside Hollywood becoming involved in a project like this, is that when it’s finished and it’s been released, it’s a pretty good feeling to say, ‘Hey, I made that happen.’”

The project, which is currently accepting investments, was made possible by the JOBS Act, which was signed into law with overwhelming bipartisan support in 2012; and Regulation Crowdfunding, which went into effect in 2016. This means the 90-plus percent of the population who weren’t previously allowed to invest in startups can now take advantage of these opportunities.

Donald Markowitz, Oscar® winner for the hit song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, will be writing a brand new Christmas song for the project.

Actress Jennifer Tilly, known for her Oscar-nominated role in Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway, is attached as a co-star.

Willis, who is also a co-writer on the project, says, “Not many people have heard of investment crowdfunding yet, and we find we have to do a bit of explaining. But for investors, it boils down to this big difference from Kickstarter — if the movie makes money, you make money.

Marc Cherry, creator/executive producer of Desperate Housewives, is also a fan. “I've known David Willis for my entire professional career, and I know him to be a smart, incredibly funny artist who approaches his art with the same kind of passion that I do. He has keen insight into human behavior, a deliciously skewed take on the world, and a heartfelt desire to break new ground in the world of filmmaking.”

The investment crowdfunding campaign is currently accepting investments here: https:// 

Media Contact:

10 Must-Haves For Hiking This Summer

I love to hike! I always have. When I was a kid and teenager, I went to a camp with my church. Each camp session would have a whole day hike. Once I was an older teenager, I even got to go on an overnight hiking trip at the camp. That ignited something in me and I fell in love.

Now, I like to go on short hikes with the kids and my husband. My dream is to hike the Appalachian trail, but that might have to wait until the kids are a little older. I mean, I don't think a hike from Georgia to main is for a 3 and 6-year-old.

I've been thinking about what I need to purchase/ replace this year so that we can continue on our hikes. I thought I'd share what I feel to be must-haves for a hiking mom!

1. Good Boots: Seriously, I'm telling you that you NEED to go shoe shopping. You need boots with ankle support, foot support, that are comfortable, but also sturdy and protective.

2. Hat: I always wear a hat when I'm hiking. It keeps spiderwebs from getting in my face, protects my face from the sun, and keeps bugs out of my hair.

3. Good Athletic Clothing: You want something that is comfortable, sturdy, and makes you feel good. That's what is so great about athleisure. You can get really great fashionable fitness wear from a company, like Fabletics, that works to promote a positive body image as well. What a great two-in-one.

4. Insect Repellent: This is kind of a given.

5. Sunscreen: Even though you may be in the shade of trees a lot, you are still going to want to protect your skin for when you are not in the shade- you may find a meadow to have a picnic in.

6. Lightweight Backpack: To carry emergency supplies, snacks, a picnic, water, and anything else you may need along the way.

7. First Aid/ Emergency Kit: You never know- someone may get injured or even lost. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

8. Whistle: In case of emergency (getting lost, scaring away animals, finding others in your group, etc)

9. Leash: Whether you are walking with dogs or a kid, a leash is a good idea. I always make my kids walk with a leash- in case they slip, try to wonder, or anything else, they cannot stray to far from mommy!

10. Pocket Knife: You never know when you may need a pocket knife.

Whether you want to casually hike the woods behind your house, find a scenic trail, go on an all-day or overnight hike, or even hike to find bigfoot, I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Happy hiking!