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Mom's Ultimate Workspace

I have a confession. This is a horrible one that I preach against to many people, but it is something I must do. I work from the kitchen table. Although I preach against it to most, it is what works at the moment for me. We have a very small space and when I work at the table, I can watch the kids, I'm here if they need help and I can watch their every move. Also, I am close while making dinner and in the same room when my husband comes in from work. It works, but it is not perfect and it is not ideal.

What would my ultimate workspace look like? I found it on Pinterest!

First of all, I find that color blue very inspiring. However, that is not what makes this space so perfect for me- we can always change the color (I would add in some gold)!

This would be ideal for me because I can close the doors and hide it from the world. When I stop working, it would be hidden and I would not be tempted to work more. During the day, when I am working, It would allow me to keep things close by, not have to pack them up for dinner, and give me plenty of space to spread out for projects and with my planner (HUGE plus!). I would even be able to keep my planner supplies neat and close all the time, as well as my printer- which is now in my bedroom connected to wifi.

I love that it has bulletin boards and file pockets to keep things seen, but out of the way. It also has storage space and room for pretty things that are inspiring. My "Never quit your daydreams" and "This empire isn't going to build itself" prints would be gorgeous on one door.

However, none of those are my favorite. I love the fold out desk. I can work on things while still watching the kids. If I need to, I could even move my laptop to that part during the day. Still, at the end of the day or when I have company, I can close the doors and no one will see my messy projects in progress and I will officially leave the office.

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The Shepherd's Treasure: A Wholesome Holiday Tradition and #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

We have an elf that we adore. Without naming names, it is not the creepy one that is all over Pinterest. Ours is the original elf that visits kids. We try to use it to teach lessons, but there is a problem. It is still about Santa and gifts. The Mr and I have been looking for something that would focus more on the true meaning of Christmas- Jesus Christ. We will continue with our elf, but we have something to add this year that will put the focus on Jesus- the best gift ever given.

The Shepherd’s Treasure is a new, interactive family tradition that helps children find the TRUE meaning of Christmas!  On the first day of December, your Shepherd will appear and your family adventure will begin!  Your Shepherd will travel by night throughout the month in search of Jesus. Each morning, your children will find him in a different place (and maybe even doing a different activity) in your home.  The Shepherd’s Treasure Advent Cards correspond with fun activities the Shepherd can do throughout the month.  Each card features a Bible verse and message from the Shepherd!  Little ones will follow behind their Shepherd along his journey.  Then, on Christmas morning, your children will find their Shepherd kneeling before the greatest Treasure of all time: Jesus! The search doesn’t stop there though! My prayer is that this fun treasure hunt will result in a more lasting search to find Jesus every day!

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  -Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

The Shepherd's Treasure has found a home with us and we couldn't be more thrilled. We are excited to join in the search with our kids as they discover more and more about Jesus, the best story ever told. We would like you to join in on this journey as well. Guess what?! You have the opportunity to win your very own Shepherd's Treasure set to take the journey with your family. Just follow with the Rafflecoptor for your chance to win. A Winner will be chosen on November 30, 2016. Good Luck.

While you wait to see if you won, you can visit Shepherd's Treasure on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their site. Want to share? Use #spottheshepherd or #TheShepherdsTreasure

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Socks for Diabetics are really Comfortable

Socks for diabetics are specially constructed hosiery that treat the symptoms of diabetic feet. However, these socks can benefit anyone that wears them. They are most often characterized by the material they are made from, their precise and comfortable fit, and the construction of the sock. Most of the regular socks on the market today, both casual and dress are made from cotton, wool, or nylon, but there is a better choice available by choosing socks for diabetics. Most people with foot ailments choose diabetic crew socks for their superior comfort.

Using better materials for socks is important because diabetic feet are more susceptible to irritation. Even mild irritation can over time result in blisters, sores, or cuts. Normal socks made out of cotton trap moisture near the skin of the feet, which creates more friction and is more abrasive against the skin.  Unlike traditional cotton socks, diabetic socks are made from different fibers that are blended together. This unique combination allows for moisture to draw away from the skin to keep feet dry.
In addition to the materials that keep moisture at bay, the fit for socks for diabetics is usually more refined. Most people buy socks which are mostly one size fits all. Diabetic socks have size ranges of up to four or five shoe sizes. Ordinarily, fit isn't a huge concern but for those people who need to minimize pressure points and skin irritation, socks that are too loosely fit can fall down and bunch up putting extra pressure on the feet. Sometimes socks can be too tight in other areas restricting blood flow. The best diabetes socks tend to fit close to the feet with tops that are loose to improve circulation but stay up on the leg.

Another important characteristic of diabetic socks is that they are made with comfort in mind. Everyone knows what it is like to put their socks on a little crooked and then walk around on the seam of the sock. It is annoying and can often irritate the toes. For diabetics, this problem is amplified because the toe area is where sores frequently develop. To avoid this issue, diabetic socks are usually constructed in a way that eliminates seams or at least makes them flat so that these pressure points don't present a problem.

Generally, diabetic socks are an important compliment to good diabetic shoes. Some people choose to wear these shoes and overlook the socks. However, if you really want to practice proper diabetic foot care, then you should know that wearing diabetic socks is another preventative measure against foot injuries.

Are diabetic socks same as compression socks?

This is a common question that has confused many people. Compression socks are a type of socks that compress the legs and are usually worn by those with varicose veins. Additionally, they are sometimes worn by athletes, people on long haul flights, and some pregnant women.
These socks are totally different from diabetic socks. The biggest difference is that socks for diabetics are loose instead of tight fitting. When deciding which type of socks to wear, if you have a foot condition, It is a good idea to get advice from your physician. Some medical socks are not intended for everyone and certain medical conditions may prevent you from wearing them. Socks for diabetics on the other hand can benefit diabetics and non-diabetics by minimizing irritation and improving comfort.

It Starts With YOU Kickstarter

Our names are Kristina and Kayla Goosby. My sister and I (Yes we're twins) are the Co-founders of GoosbyTwins which is a stationery line dedicated to redefining, inspiring, and uniting women on a global scale. Our product the 2017 “It Starts With YOU” Daily Planner has launched on Kickstarter and we would be honored if you would take a look at it when you have the chance. We are looking to reach out to as many people as possible that understand the mission and vision of GoosbyTwins.

Everything starts with YOU and everything ends with YOU. Why you? It’s because YOU control your life, dreams, and goals. The 2017 It Starts With YOU Planner is not just an ordinary planner. It’s a notebook, a journal, a storybook, and a tool for YOU to empower and network. Use this planner to take action to organize your thoughts, dreams, goals, and creativity. YOU can make your dreams a reality.

Through planning, we can create a LIFESTYLE. OUR lifestyle will be a stepping-stone for women to be fearless, confident, innovative, valuable, and STRONG. Through OUR planner, we will initiate CHANGE for women to CONNECT while REDEFINING the definition of a woman. We made a commitment to ourselves to inspire as many people as we can to live a lifestyle through planning.

If you don't mind we would love for you to check out our Kickstarter campaign and share it with family and friends. We would really like to get our planners into as many hands as possible especially considering the perks it offers. Thank You for your time and look forward to hearing from you. You can find our link below. Remember IT STARTS WITH YOU!

Win With #TheShepherdsTreasure

Win $500!  Contest starts December 1st!  The Shepherd's Treasure is a Christian alternative to Elf on the Shelf and they are giving away $500 to the most creative photo shared.  $250 for you and $250 for your church!  The four top photos will be chosen and then fans will vote on their favorite to win!  This contest is lots of fun, but the best part about it is we are bringing back the true meaning of Christmas and teaching our kids that it's not all about receiving gifts and behaving well just to receive material things. Join us in the fun!  Here's how:

Step 1: Order The Shepherd's Treasure book with doll set (and advent cards if you choose) by NOVEMBER 20th to ensure delivery by December 1st. Link to buy in comments.

Step 2 (optional): Get your church involved -  The more people from your church who participate in the contest, the bigger the chance to win! Just send people to The Shepherd's Treasure Facebook page for details.

Step 3: Make sure to LIKE @BLOGGERSPAGE and @The Shepherd's Treasure Facebook page to receive contest next steps on December 1st!

#spottheshepherd #theshepherdstreasure

Click the link in the comments to get your copy before all are sold out!  This is going to be so fun!

Comment to post:  ORDER HERE by November 20th to get in time for December 1st. Two options below - one with the advent cards and one without:

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