Business Doing Good: Ashley's Safe Pack

A while ago, I brought you a post about The DocSafe and how truly amazing the service is. I also wrote about how to organize with The Docsafe. Since then, I have been chatting with Joshua about their newest project. I feel very passionate about what they are doing, so I offered anything I can do for them. One of those things I can do is to offer my blog as a megaphone to spread the word. Now that the project has been announced, I want to tell you all about it.

The Keleskes and Ashley's family are doing their part to help women (and men) in abusive relationships. This is a sad and touching story. It can't bring Ashley back, but can help other women. If you know of a woman that needs this, a women's shelter that could use this resource for their ladies, would like to help out, or would like more information, then reach out. You can contact The Docsafe, or email me (thepalmettoqueen(at)gmail(dot)com) and I'll put you in touch with the appropriate people.

The story of how this came together and what is happening now to ensure the success of the program is below. It is also found here.


As their daughter's accused killer sits behind bars awaiting trial, the family of a murdered Tampa Bay area woman is working on launching an online tool to help others in domestic violence situations safely leave their abusers.

The idea came from the blue plaid satchel Ashley Atherley, 28, kept hidden in her desk at work. Inside the bag, they found birth certificates, bank account information, all of her two daughter's records. The pack contained the key documents Atherley needed to successfully leave her abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, she never made it that far.

On December 1, Atherley was discovered dead. According to police, she was murdered by Edly Atherley, her husband who she had recently separated from and was in the process of divorcing.

"You know I can't bring my daughter back," Atherley's mom Lucia Robles said choking back tears. "But finding that information was invaluable. It allowed us to put her children in a safe place. Without it, it would have been very, very difficult."

Robles has now decided to devote her life to getting her daughter justice and fighting for others in a similar situation. Through the generosity of The DocSafe, Ashley's family is coordinating with The Spring of Tampa Bay to launch what they hope will be a nationwide effort called "Ashley's SafePack."

The SafePack will be a virtual space for domestic violence victims to safely upload their important documents free of charge. They'll then be able to access them anywhere with an Internet connection, hopefully making their exit both easier and safer.

"I feel like this is a really good tool to help keep women safe especially when used in conjunction with a professionally trained advocate at one of the centers," said Mindy Murphy, President/CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay. "We always say that victims should not try to do this alone." Murphy pointed out that abusers often use these important documents as a method of control.

"Now she'll have those documents stored electronically, so she can access them from anywhere and she doesn't have to feel like I can't leave because I don't have Johnny's birth certificate," Murphy said. "The more documentation they have, the more likely they are to get things restored to them that rightfully belong to them."

It's some much needed strength at a time, this local mom knows all too well, can be the most dangerous of all.

"If I could save just one young lady like her that would be okay," said Robles.
A portion of the proceeds from the upcoming "Ashley's Angels Golf Tournament" will be donated to The Spring of Tampa Bay to help launch "Ashley's SafePack." The tournament is being held on Friday, October 17 at the Claw at USF.

Attention Busy Moms: This Kickstarter is For You!

With Kodabug starting to really get the hang of feeding herself, comes some problems. There is the normal mess of course, her wanting to feed herself everything, among other things. Last week, she was feeding herself, I walked to the refrigerator to get mustard for the Tbomb and Kodabug threw her plate across the room. Seriously?! This mess was insane. Now, I just let her eat off her high chair tray, but I know there has to be a solution.

I have been informed of an amazing Kickstarter project. This is a project I just had to bring to my readers. You guys are seriously going to love this. Even better- support the project and get a great deal in return.

Adi, the Stay-Put Plate is the answer to so many mom's feeding troubles.

The Story

When it comes to eating with a toddler, having the right product can make mealtime enjoyable or a total disaster. Currently, the portable placemat products or bowls use adhesive or suction to affix to a table surface. However, a curious toddler can easily remove it and toss it aside.

That curious toddler turned out to be our 18 month old daughter. While dining out one day, she pulled a self-adhesive placemat off the table. Food went flying everywhere and landed on a man seated at the table behind us. There were peas stuck in his hair, meatballs on his head, and his nice white dress shirt was covered with spaghetti and red sauce. In that moment, the idea for Adi was born.

Adi is the perfect mealtime solution! Invented by Karen Weiss Kart, an attorney turned entrepreneur and mom of three, Adi is a stylish, modern, and whimsical stay-put plate that appeals to both kids and grownups. Your child will love the cute penguin shape, and you will cherish how well it works.

The Product

This plate has a unique suction cup that really stays in place. It also has a quick removal tab, but it only works for adults. Because of the great design, curious toddlers do not see it, and cannot get to it. 

With three divided sections, keep all foods separate, even during travel. We know how those toddlers are about food touching. (Actually, I'm the same way)

There is also a lid for easy travel. The lid snaps tight and prevents the foods from mixing, even when bouncing around in a bag. This is perfect for dining out, play dates, and even storing leftovers. 

I just adore the penguin design with the fish handle on the lid. 


The Kickstarter project is to raise funds for production, and manufacture 5,000 units. 

Prodigi Kids’ mission is to bring products into this world that bring families together and put a smile on the faces of kids and grownups everywhere. Adi is the pefect mealtime friend!
They have designed amazing perks so that you can truly benefit from helping to fund this project. 

Some of them include: Adi and custom organza bags, magnets, private dining experience, and more. The perks start at $3, so anyone who wants to help can. 

To help fund this project, or learn more, check it out on Kickstarter

Mail Call: #VitaVoxBox

Disclaimer: I am part of the Influenster Network. For this, I receive samples to review. All opinions are my own.

It is no secret that Influenster is one of my favorite networks. I love that every box is different- I get so excited when I get that email that it is on its way! Also, I love that I can do as much or as little to earn new badges as I want. If my schedule is hectic, I can make adjustments. I have found so many great products through this program! This time, I was selected for the Vitality Vox Box (#vitavoxbox)

I was very impressed with the products this go round! 

1. Softlips Cube. I love the way it makes my lips feel. They are so moisturized. It is a 5 in 1 and even has spf in it. My only complaint is that because it is a cube, I can't put it in my pocket. I have to keep it in my makeup case, or it gets lost in the bottom of my bag and gets nasty. 

2. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future sample. I enjoyed using this sample, but wish it was a larger size. It is just hard to tell how good something is without a larger sample size. However, I did like how it made my face feel after using it. 

3. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. I do love these tampons. They are comfortable and you don't have to worry about leaking when you are chasing the kids. 

4. Pure Leaf Lemon tea. I LOVE this stuff- so yummy. If you haven't tried it, you must. This company does a lot to "pay it forward," so be sure to tweet/ Instagram with #loveofleaves

5. Bikini Ready Gummies. I really wish I had gotten a larger sample of these. Some Influencers received a bottle, but I received a sample with 2 gummies. The taste was great, and as far as I could tell really would help with energy levels. The recommended dose is 5 a day though, so I couldn't give an accurate try. 

6. First Degree Burn Cream. This might just be my favorite of all. I love natural/ homeopathic remedies. In fact, my aloe plant died last winter and I keep meaning to get another. The problem with this preference is that it isn't always handy. First Degree burn cream is homeopathic, so I love having this for the kids. In fact, I keep it in the diaper bag- that way I have it no matter where I am. 

What did you think of this VoxBox? 

Not an Influenster? Email me at thepalmettoqueen(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send you an invite. Also, if you have questions about the products mentioned, ask away. 

Home is a Haven

Disclaimer: This is a compensated post, but has great information! 

Organizing a home isn’t hard to do, but it can seem that way. With simple steps, each room of the home can be whipped into shape. The first step is to downsize on what isn’t needed. This is hard for some people to do, but people can get rid of items that are broken, that can waste substantial time to fix, that they haven’t worn in a while or items that are extras in the home. For instance, it’s not necessary to have three can openers. Keep the one that works the best and donate the others to those who need can openers. 

Another way to organize things is to use storage bins. If items cannot be donated or thrown away, they can be placed into bins that can be stored up in the attic or a closet somewhere. These items may be family heirlooms or holiday decorations. Other useful areas of storage may be under beds or in the garage. There are several places to store items and getting a little creative can make the home more efficient. Keep only the items that are needed in each room. Clear out all the rest. This will cut down on the time needed in cleaning.

Once the clutter is cleared out, arrange items with other like items. For example, use drawers to combine like items, such as cooking utensils. This saves time in putting items away and retrieving them for use at a later time. Distinguishing items to their respective places is not hard to keep up. The brain will absorb the information of where items are put and after long, putting things away in their proper spot becomes a habit.

The garage tends to be the place most people store stuff and although storage bins can be placed in the garage, organizing everything else becomes necessary. The garage is more forgiving than the rest of the home for methods of storage and the items that can be placed there. For instance, it’s not expected that paint can be kept in the living room, but it’s normal to have paint in the garage. An excellent way to organize the garage is to use garage cabinet sets.

Once the home is organized, enjoying it becomes paramount. One way to enjoy it is to sit back and relax. Others take to decorating the home by adding a pillow here and a throw there. Just don’t go overboard.

Announcing The Winners #Yummification

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for my participation in this program. However, I really do drink 5 Hour Energy quite often. All opinions are my own. 

In August, I wrote about the #Yummification contest. 5 Hour Energy brought us this competition as a way to encourage their customers to mix 5 Hour Energy with their favorite drink (non alcoholic/ non energy/ no caffeine).

I was excited to write about all the benefits of 5 Hour Energy, like the vitamins. I also expressed how I cannot live without it. My schedule is just too hectic, and I need help to get through some (most) days.

I loved sharing my Palmetto Energy Zinger with you and even sharing why I chose this particular drink as my ode to my favorite state- South Carolina.

The giveaway winner was ecstatic and I promised all that I would bring the information on the #yummification winner as soon as I new something. This was such a fun competition that I just couldn't wait to pass this along!

The #Yummification Winners

See more information, production shots, and watch all the videos here on the #yummification page. You can see the other entries here as well.

First Place ($50,000 prize): “Pomelimelade” by Tim Merlau, Los Angeles, CA 

This winning submission mixes a Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY® shot with limeade, and then takes us on a musical journey through all that can be accomplished over several hours (spoiler alert: it’s a lot). See the video here

  • 1 glass Limeade 
  • 1 shot of Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY®
Second Place ($30,000 prize): “Ramalamadingdong” by Mark Golembeski, Los Angeles, CA

The second place video helps us turn that 2:30 feeling frown upside down by mixing a 5-hour ENERGY® shot with lemonade. This video has it all: a clown, a puppy, a guy in a tutu, and much more. Video

  • 1 glass Lemonade 
  • 1 shot of Berry 5-hour ENERGY®
Third Place ($10,000 prize): “Arnold Power” by Zac Sheorn, Lugoff, SC (Wahoo for SC)

The third place winner reminds us that you don’t have to be good at sports, but mixing a Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY® shot with decaffeinated iced tea helps keep you refreshed while practicing. And practicing. Video

“Arnold Power”
  • 1 glass Decaf Iced Tea 
  • 1 shot of Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY®
I have tried these (I told you I love 5-hour Energy) and they are all good. I promise I am not picking sides, but the Arnold Palmer is my absolute favorite. While my Palmetto Energy Zinger is still my top choice, this is a close second! Grab a 5-hour energy and get more done! 

Exercise and Enjoy Music with Limm

Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All opinions are my own. 

This Limm Sports Armband has been a lifesaver for my husband and myself. It is of very good quality, meaning that it can endure my exercise, chasing the kids, and even the kids pulling on it. I even sent it to work with my husband one day. He does construction and enjoys listening to music, especially while he paints. He is able to wear this, protect his player, and have his music conveniently on him, without the strain of having his headphones go from pocket to ears. 

The fabric is soft, but when you sweat, it does not become uncomfortable or fall off. I love the key pocket, especially for my walks. I just wonder why I never got one before. With tons of great features, this armband is a must for everyone! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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