Visual Schedule + Launch Center Tips (Early Learning Resources)

Disclaimer: I received these items to review. All opinions are my own.

Snapper's developmental pediatrician suggested something at our last visit to help her with her anxiety. She doesn't do well with change and craves routine, but when we have a different schedule, she does not adjust well. The doctor suggested a visual schedule.

I've tried several, but nothing seems to stand up to her or give us the functionality we need. However, Carson-Dellosa had the perfect solution!

This is exactly what we needed. The portable visual schedule pocket chart works brilliantly for both kids. Actually, it comes with a set of 3. There are 6 activity pockets and a storage pocket (I have the storage pocket folded up behind). It also velcros closed for travel and for your child to carry with them. It is very durable and will work for any family or classroom. 

I used some photos I had used before while trying to make a visual schedule work and they were perfect. For my 1st grader, I simply wrote the task on a plain white card to encourage reading. I could not have found anything better than this set from Carson-Dellosa. 

Tips For Setting Up A Launch Station: 

1. Know what you need: Ours must have backpacks, coats, hat, tablet cases, schedule, lanyards, reminders, timer, and buckets for dry erase crayons and watches. That may seem like a bit much, but that's the only way I can keep a handle on it all. 

2. Give each kid a side and a color. 

3. Decide what should be in reach. I put backpacks, coats, hats, and tablet cases up high so I can decide when they get them. The other stuff that I am trying to teach them to be responsible for goes within reach. 

4. Include a message board: I painted a cookie sheet with chalkboard paint- I can write notes or stick them with magnets. 

5. The buckets allow their watches and dry-erase crayons to be in reach, but I can also put bows and jewelry for the next day in them. 

6. Find what works for your family- even the location. Ours is in the kids' room because that is what works, but it may not for you. 

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