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First off, I’d like to thank Cari for graciously letting us post on her blog. My name’s Koby Wong and I work with, an education company dedicated to making education accessible and helping students lower the cost of their higher education. serves many different markets, with homeschool being one of them. With this focus in mind, we’ve been connecting with homeschool bloggers to better understand the needs of homeschoolers so that we can ensure that our courses are as useful as possible. That’s how we met Cari. for Homeschool’s homeschool courses work for a wide range of middle and high school subjects. Our material is presented in many different ways so that all types of learners can benefit from using our courses. We appeal to visual and auditory learners with our video lessons and reading/writing learners with the text transcripts of our video lessons. We focus on micro-learning with our short, engaging 5-7 minute videos. By chunking information, the people who use our courses have consistently given us feedback that they retain the information taught much better. for CLEP recently launched the CLEP section of its site to help students better prepare for their CLEP exams. CLEP exams are Prior-Learning Assessments that test your expertise in specific subject areas. By passing CLEP exams, you can earn credit that is transferable to more than 2,900 colleges and universities.’s CLEP section has everything you need to feel confident when preparing for your CLEP exam. has study guides for the CLEP exams that help you understand topics better as concepts are explained step-by-step. Our study guides are made up of short videos that take complicated material and break it down into easy to understand concepts using real-life examples. There is a complete transcript of our videos for you to review as well. At the end of each video, there is a short quiz that tests your knowledge and helps you retain the information taught. also has practice tests to accompany its study guides.’s practice tests for CLEP are composed of 50 questions. After taking the practice test, you’re presented with your results. Your results show you which questions you got right and wrong, the correct answer to the questions you got wrong, and your areas of strength and weakness so you can spend your time preparing on your weakest areas.

With the cost of tuition continuing to increase, CLEP exams are becoming an even more effective option for earning college credit at a reasonable cost. However, it’s important to check the CLEP credits that are accepted at the college you plan to attend before taking your CLEP exams. has 20+ scholarships that can also help you reduce higher education costs:

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