The Most Amazing Meat Tenderizer: Brought To You By Cave Tools

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

While we generally do not marinate meat in the winter months, we do a good bit in the summer, getting our meat ready to throw on the fire. We love cooking in our backyard fire pit in the summertime and all hanging around it. We are always sure to prep our meat a day ahead of time so that we can enjoy the time with each other and have a delicious meal. (Another tip: keep your grilling stuff together in a tote/ bin for easy grabbing so that your time is not spent running around gathering it up.)

Cave Tools sent us a meat tenderizer and we gave it a whirl before its time to fire up the pit!

We fell in love with this tenderizer very quickly. I didn't think my Father In Law's lemon pepper chicken could get any better. I was wrong. With this tenderizer, the flavor was carried throughout the meat and every bite had an amazing lemon pepper flavor. 

Very easy to use, the tenderizer works better than any I have tried. Seriously, it is even better than injecting the meat! Even better, it is super duper to clean (a mom's dream come true).

Be sure to pick up your 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer on Amazon or the Cave Tools website. Even better- use code TENDER15 for 15% off your tool.

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