How to Create an Amazing Brand On a Micro Budget

You’ve heard about it, read articles on it, and may have even done some of your own research on the subject. Building your brand is essential to the success of any new business venture, but it isn’t an easy task. This is especially true for those on a limited budget.

Several entrepreneurs find themselves turning to loans as time constraints tighten, having to use their profits to pay the amount and interest back. Instead of falling into this trap, the successful business person looks at what can help them build an effective brand without crossing over their monetary threshold.

Impossible? Not at all. Follow this guide and you’ll be well on your way to an established business with a steady customer base in no time.

Keep it Simple

Your message should be straightforward and reliable. While you may be tempted to create something fancy for its aesthetic appeal, don’t. The most effective messages on the market are short, sweet and simple. (Think Nike or Apple)

Excess clutter causes your brand to fall into obscurity. While it might seem clever, potential customers are only going see fluff. They don’t want to guess what you offer, they want to know off the bat. Consider the one thing you want the public to know about your company, then make it your brand.

The Right Ideology

What will your business do? Does it solve a problem, add value to someone’s life, or simply make a customer feel good about themselves? Placing these elements into your message relays who you are to your website and social media viewers. Combining them all into one statement can be challenging, but crucial to your success.

It might help to think about what your business is not, making a list of things you can’t stand about your competitor’s products or services. What makes your business different? How do you achieve that difference?


This is an area that’s hard to skimp on, as price often equates to quality. However, you can save a pretty penny by avoiding agencies and opting for a freelancer instead. Sites like Upwork and Reddit feature thousands of individuals who market their artwork to individuals just like you, all without the overhead you’d normally pay to an agency.

Your Brand in Their Hands

Having your brand on something tangible is a simple, inexpensive, and slick marketing tactic that can quickly build a cult following. Sites like The Tee Hive offer full customization on a variety of products from hoodies to koozies, so don’t feel like a t-shirt is your only option. Keep things cheaper by avoiding lots of colors, and keeping your business’ design small yet legible.

Free Advertising

When sticking with a budget, you’ll need all the free exposure you can get. Thankfully, social media has made it easier than ever for startups to gain a little free marketing in the form of reviews. While people are more likely to rave about excellent service, they’ll also tell their friends about the exceptional products they’ve purchased from a new site.

Using the internet, you can easily host a free giveaway with a site like RaffleCopter. This boosts your brand recognition by placing products in your customer's hands just by having them share your site across multiple platforms. The offer of something free also creates a warm familiarity with your brand.

Ashley Lipman

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