10 Reasons To Use A Planner

I will say that without my planner, I am good for nothing! I cannot remember anything- I mean anything. I am a total and utter failure without my planner. Over the years, I have found what works and adjusted tremendously. The main thing I have learned is that in my life a planner is a must!

Not sure if a planner is a must for you? Here are 10 reasons it may be. 

1. Even if you only use a monthly version, you will always know what is ahead. 
2. If you write everything down, it is hard to forget to do something.
3. Feel more put together by being able to know when anything is by opening it. 
4.  There are planners in every size and budget- no need to be intimidated. You can even use a digital version on your phone/ tablet/ computer and sync them!
5. Why not use a planner, or at least try?
6. If you make a grocery list, stick it in your planner, and take your planner everywhere, you will never forget your grocery list!
7. Have everything at your fingertips.
8. You can personalize it.
9. Keep track of goals.
10. Cool Girls Use Planners ;)

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