Organizing Kids with #ThirtyOneGifts: Out Of Season Items

Disclaimer: I received products to review. All opinions are my own.

One of my biggest organizing problems is storing the kids' out of season items. This isn't just clothing, but toys, bags, shoes, and more. I do not like putting these in our building because I don't like the idea of an animal getting in them and I tend to lose things out their (that isn't my domain and it makes me nervous). We do not have a basement or an attic, so I have to get creative with it. I used to store it in a big box in my closet, but that got old, so I have a new approach. I had the Mister install a shelf in their room just for this purpose!

On this wonderful shelf that my dear husband installed for me, I have all of the kids out of season and travel items stored (now I have some Christmas presents hid there as well.) The Deluxe Utility Tote from Thirty-One is absolutely perfect for this. I have 3 of them, along with an old picnic thermal (not Thirty-One).

The picnic thermal holds the family's swimwear (swimsuits, coverups, swim hats, goggles, and rash guards). One Deluxe Utility Tote is hiding presents for now, but will most likely hold either summer clothes that will fit next year or extra blankets after Christmas.

The other two totes (which are color-coded) have heavy winter coats and travel items in them. For now, the summer toys will be kept in the building.

These totes are the perfect size for this use. The handles on the ends make them easy to get down, the long handles make it easy to carry around. Another thing is that they are soft-sided, so there is more flexibility when shoving items in them (yes, I shove!)

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