Get The Best Deals This Christmas With Kmart and Dealspotr

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October marks the beginning of Christmas shopping for my house. We have just finished with both kids' birthdays, so I can start shopping around and getting good deals. I like to buy all throughout, so I list what I want to find October, November, and December. Basically, the things that are more expensive and I might have a harder time finding comes in October. There are still gifts to buy, so I am still looking to save some money. I got a heads up that Dealspotr could help me out with this, so I thought I would pass along some tips!

Miss Koda loves her 18" doll (she named her Allie). Well, there are several things she has asked for that are doll accessories. Because she is only turning 4, I keep a list of the things she really likes and shop around for a good deal, as these items add up quickly. She has been really wanting a horse for Ally to ride. In looking for a good deal, I headed to to see what kind of a deal I could find.

I found a beautiful horse that I knew Koda would love. This is a great price, especially after I've been shopping around and I love the way it is made. However, I'm always looking to save money. After all, if I save money, I could get her an extra outfit or something for Allie. What should I do? We all know that Kmart does not give many promotional codes for across-store savings. 

Luckily, I have a trick up my sleeve. Dealspotr comes to the rescue! 

Dealspotr is known for having hard-to-find promotional codes, even one time use ones. This comes in really handy when looking to buy a more expensive item (especially a toy) from an online retailer. In fact, many of the discounts on Dealspotr are from people who receive them in their email, do not use them, and pass them along. It is like shopping karma. Have a code you do not use, share it, find one you will use. Such a winner.

First, you need to set up an account. This is pretty simple, just make sure it is an account you check often, as you do want to stay up to date on deals. Go ahead and set up your profile while you are at it.

Now, it is time to find some deals.
Make sure you are signed in and find the search box. Simply search the retailer you are shopping with. Once you get the results, find the deal that you like the most. Then, click on it! 

After you find your code, copy it. Go back to the retailer (Kmart) and use that code during check out. If it does not work, let Dealspotr know and try another. It will be worth it!
It is a pretty simple way to shop for discounts, and well worth it.


What a simple way to save some money, just in time for Christmas. Make it a habit to check out Dealspotr before you check-out at any online retailer. You would be surprised at how much money you will save. While you are at it, share your unused codes and help others save money as well.


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