What You Need To Teach Your Toddler: Just a Few Things and A Magna Doodle

When I first started teaching Tbomb school, he wasn't quite two yet. By the time he was 2, he knew his alphabet and could count to 10. He could tell you what sound each letter made, identify them, and even tell you what letter many words started with.

I only had a few things to teach with, most of which we all have lying around the house.

1. I had index cards with each letter written on them.

2. I had a spiral notebook that we would "write" in together and I would write letters really big, then he would color on.

3. I had crayons

4. I had a magnadoodle.

  • We got the magna doodle out every day. To Tbomb, it was a toy, so I was teaching him to have fun learning. 
  • I would write the letter and he would tell me what it was
  • We would take turns writing on it- it helped him learn to grip a pencil.
  • We drew letters, shapes, and numbers. 
We still use the magna doodle in school with Snapper, but Tbomb has graduated to the boogie board. 

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