Skeleton Halloween Party For Kids

Disclaimer: I received items to organize this party from Oriental Trading. Opinions are my own. Thank you Oriental Trading for allowing me to do this project.

I wanted to do a Halloween party for the kids this year. It would be like a play date- just something fun for the kids and their friends. While trying to think of a theme, I found an adorable skeleton garland that I knew would be perfect. The theme was born- "Dem Bones" would be perfect, classic, and non-scary, but the perfect Halloween vibe. I got to work and it sure was fun. (I love throwing kid parties!)

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The party was born and I was so very excited! Probably even more than the kids. I knew that I had to have a few structured elements for the kids because after they run and play, my kids need structure and many other kids do well with that. I figured out a few things and set up. 

Image result for skeleton crew craft oriental trading1. I decided to teach the kids the song "dem bones." I loved it when I was a kid and what is more fun than teaching kids a new song and watching them dance around. I found a cute video on YouTube and set up my tablet for them to watch and listen to while they danced around after they learned the words. 

2. Craft Station: I love doing crafts with kids and think a craft is a great party favor, especially a picture frame. We made picture frames and I'll print photos of each kid and deliver to their homes to put in the frame. TIP: do the craft yourself before the party- this will help you know what the kids may need help with and make sure you have all the supplies you need. 

3. After the craft station, I let the kids all have a dance party to get the ants out of their pants and so that I could get ready for the snacks! The kids were absolutely adorable spinning, jumping, and dancing to classic Halloween songs. 

4. Now it was time for the food! I really had fun with this! 

I was pretty excited about setting up the food "table." The plan was to have the party outside, but we had to bring the food inside because of weather uncertainty. Luckily, we didn't get wet and the kids still got to be outside- just eat inside. We had plenty for the kids to choose from: 
  • Popcorn Fun: We put popcorn in the Halloween Silhouette Treat Stand with Cones. The cones made it easy for the kids to hold and made serving really easy. We used the mini skull buckets at the planters from the Skeleton Pumpkin Decorating kits to put popcorn add-ons in, like black jelly beans, sweet-tart skull and bones, marshmallows, sprinkles, and more. The kids really liked that. 
  • I made skeleton cookies: chocolate cookies cut out with a small gingerbread man and white icing skeletons drawn on. I served these on gorgeous black and white chevron plates. 
  • The black/ white/ orange theme of the food table was gorgeous. The bone markers and Halloween paper lantern set added to the look. 
  • I used an Oriental Trading large tabletop chalkboard with a gold glitter border to add a little more fun to it all. 
  • Drinks were served in a barrel dispenser that holds 3 1/2 gallons of tea. We used black and white skeleton disposable cups. The dispenser made things much easier. It isn't always easy to pour drinks for kids while doing everything else, with the barrel, they could do it themselves. 

I had just as much fun putting the party favors together. 

Each child received in a black and orage celephane bag: Ghost poof marshmallow treats, sweet tart skull and bones candy, a skeleton pencil, skeleton stickers, and an extra cameo craft as a thank you for coming to our party. 

While we were cleaning up (because my lovely friends enjoy helping), the kids got to do a skeleton puzzle and I could not believe I found these on Oriental Trading because I have not seen them in years- I bet you haven't either. 

Image result for interlocking skeleton candy

I just loved throwing this skeleton themed party for the kids and they loved it as well. 

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