Boy/ Girl Room Inspiration: Whimsical Tribal

I have a confession to make: I have not yet decorated the kids' room. Yes, Tbomb is almost 7 and Koda just turned 4. Right now, their rooms are just a mash-up of the things they love- there is no design to it. Well, we are getting ready for the kids to have new beds (Junior Lofts so there is more room for them to play) and put some gorgeous carpet down, so I thought I would start planning a great design and start projects for them. It's organized, so decorating is the obvious next step.

The kids have some great things that I wanted to work into the room, like the items below:

I have one of these rattles that belonged to my dad's mom- Carrie Jane

My son received one of these tents for his birthday a few years ago and I've been dying to use it in their room for a reading tent

I have a set similar to this that belonged to my grandmother. I definitely want to use the shelf and possibly the mirror for Snapper.

I bought one of these towels last year on clearance. I wasn't what I would do with it, but knew I wanted to make something for the kids- I think I will make a pillow for their beds. 

I have always loved this quote for snapper and will make her some wall art with this quote on it. 

I know this is a crazy mix of decor, but I want it all to work. I have been thinking about it a lot but hadn't come up with anything. I know the room will not be finished until after the new year, but I do want to get started with decor items. I was browsing Oriental Trading and found the solution!!! 

As soon as I saw this baby shower theme, I knew this would be my kids' room. I love it and I know they will too! 

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