15 Tips For Snacking On The Go

My husband had some problems the last several months with getting dizzy and his blood sugar dropping. He was feeling bad in general. Making sure that he had snacks and drinks with him constantly made a big difference, but didn't solve the problem.

It turns out that he has a vitamin D deficiency (like me) and that is what was causing the majority of the problems. He does have problems with his blood sugar dropping, although he is not diabetic, so he does have to keep snacks and glucose tablets with him.

We solved the problem with a Cool Clip Thermal from Thirty-One in a nice masculine camo print. He can put this in his backpack he carries his tablet and stuff in, throw it in the truck when he goes to work, or just carry it along. I keep a bottle of juice, a pack of crackers, snack cake, and glucose tablets in the pouch and it works perfectly. I throw in an Oreo ice pack and his juice stays nice and cold.

Because this is something we do struggle with, I wanted to share some tips with you.

1. Wash and chop fresh produce ahead of time to make packing easier.

2. Keep a few pre-packaged options on hand for a quick grab and go.

3. Invest in small bowls, reusable sandwich bags, and drink containers so you can use them over and over again without running out at the last minute.

4. Buy snacks that are eaten the most often in bulk (we buy large bags of popcorn, animal crackers, graham crackers, veggie straws, and cheese crackers) then repackage them as you need them.

5. If you want, you can buy zip baggies and repackage a whole bag of snacks at a time. It can make it easier and keep them fresh longer.

6. If you want apples for your snack on the go, there is an easy way to keep it fresh, but cut it as well. Just use an apple slicer/ corer, but put the pieces all back together. Then, wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap.

7. If you are making a snack or lunch for kids on the go, use a sandwich bowl, make sections with cupcake liners, and you instantly have a divided bowl that is the perfect size for kiddos. If you cut their sandwich in half and stack it- it fits!

8. Always try new things at home- you don't want to be out a snack because you don't like it.

9. We keep individual packages of dried fruit on hand for a healthy option as well.

10. Have a dehydrator? Use it to dry fruits and vegetables for a healthy snack that is perfect for on the go.

11. Pack snacks the night before- trust me, it is much easier. You can put your whole bag/ container in the fridge with a bottle of water, ready to go in the morning.

12. If you are packing for kids, think about choking hazards, allergy hazards (you don't want a new food to trigger a reaction), and other foods the kids will be eating. If they are going to be having birthday cake, you don't want to pack a bunch of sweet snacks.

13. Keep many options on hand- moods can change.

14. Keep a plastic spoon in your snack bag, just in case you need it. I do that with the kids and I've been grateful many times. Especially if I have packed pudding or yogurt and forgot the spoon.

15. Invest in a snack bag, container, water bottle, and ice pack that works for you and that you love- it will make all the difference.

Do you have snacking tips you would like to share?

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