10 Ways To Teach Letters (With Little Or No Money)

When I started teaching Tbomb letters, I wanted it to be fun, but I also wanted it to stick and for him to be able to grow with it. I wanted the tools to be very inexpensive, be things we already had, or be able to be used as he learned more and more. I found several ways and these have stuck to be used with Snapper as well.

1. Whether it is a chalkboard, dry erase board, or magnadoodle- having something to use over and over again to write letters is a huge addition.

2. Flashcards- if you have index cards, that is great. If not, cut paper into squares and use that. Use them like traditional flashcards. You can also lay them all on the floor and have your child bring you specific letters. I also would tape them to things he either liked to snack on, drink, or play with. He would have to tell me the letter to get what he wanted.

3. Shop Dollar Stores- look for letters, flash cards, workbooks, etc. They do not have to be beginners, just have letters in them. We also bought letter dry erase boards. The dollar stores always have things you can teach letters with- shop the toy and office supply aisle- you will be surprised at what you will find.

4. Raid the toy box- you may not realize it, but there are letters in their toy box. Pull everything with letters out. When you play with them, make your child tell you the letters.

5. Sing the Alphabet Song while you brush teeth and wash hands.

6. Write a letter on a piece of paper and have your child color on it, put stickers on the letter, etc.

7. Use a spiral notebook and make a letter journal together. For each letter, make a page. Have your child color the letter and then glue the letters out of a magazine. Having your child find the letters is a huge lesson.

8. Using sheet protectors, free printables, or cheap workbooks, make a letter workbook your child can do each morning. I have found that dry erase crayons work the best, as well as dry erase colored pencils.

9. Anytime you think about it, write letters together, say letters together, and have your child recognize letters. It does not have to be planned, he/she can repeat the letters as you drive.

10. When your child starts recognizing the sounds letters make, have them find things around the house that start with letters- just beware of confusing sounds, like chair.

Remember, repetition is the key. Do things several times a day and your child will know the letters in no time.

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