10 Things To Repurpose For Organizing

Organizing is not only something I enjoy doing, it is something I have to do. In order to homeschool, work at home, have projects going, live in a small space, and have room to move, staying organized is a must.

Over the years, I have found several things that I can repurpose that make perfect tools for organizing. I'm going to share those with you today.

1. Ice Cream Buckets: those 1-gallon plastic bins that ice cream come in- they are perfect for storing blocks, art supplies, and more in. You can even label them! They stack perfectly and have handles. I like that they are clear and I can easily see what is inside!

2. We use coffee creamer containers to store small pieces to sets like legos, Polly pockets, and more. They work perfectly and can fit inside a larger container.

3. Kitty Litter Buckets: My husband's aunt buys the kitty litter that comes in the yellow buckets. She sends them to us when they are finished. I use them to organize toys (legos, small dolls, play-doh, matchbox cars, etc) and my husband uses them to organize plumbing fittings, screws, and other items used for his work.

4. Crystal Lite containers are perfect for plasticware, colored pencils, picnic supplies, popsicle sticks, and more.

5. Twist ties can keep cords together, reseal items to go in the freezer (like large bags of french fries), and so much more. We have a mug that we put them in when we empty something.

6. We have a huge bag in our spare room that holds grocery bags- we use them to line wastebaskets, clean the animals' litter and dragon cages, and so much more. We save them all because we go through a lot of them.

7. Small mayonnaise jars are perfect for storing activity popsicle sticks, counting objects, letters and more, plus the label comes off easily, making it easy to label.

8. Mason jars are incredibly versatile, as well as pickle jars, jelly jars, and any other glass jars you bring into your home.

9. When we buy spray bottles (Windex, Odoban, Clorox Spray, etc), we wash the bottles out and save them for mixing our own cleaner, ammonia with water (to spray on trash cans), and water (to make cats go away when we feed ours).

10. Baby food jars are perfect for storing brads, thumbtacks, nails, staples, and other small things. You can put a magnet on the lid to store just about anywhere, or put them in a drawer and label the lid!

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