Superhero First Day Of School Breakfast

Disclaimer: Oriental Trading has provided the materials for this project. All opinions are my own.

We are gearing up for back to school here at Owl Creek Academy. The kids are excited to start a new school year and to learn new and exciting things. Tbomb is starting first grade and Snapper is in preschool. Superheroes are always fun and this summer has been the summer for superheroes, so my theme was born. The back to school fairy had fun setting up a surprise breakfast for the kids' first day of school!

The back to school fairy really had her creative juices flowing. She started with a black table cloth to make all the fun stand out. The confetti plates coordinated well with the superhero theme. She found them fun cups for their milk. Their surprise buckets have fun school supplies, surprises, snacks, and items to remind them to carry God with them everywhere.

Each bucket contains:
Bible Book Labels
Bible Study Stickers
Mini Erasers
Mechanical Pencils
Ring Stampers
Super Hero Sticker Sheets
Religious Bracelet
Hero Bucket
Note from the back to school fairy

It made it even more fun because Oriental Trading carries the Avengers and DC Girls, which is their favorites. 

The sign I chose is perfect. What I really like about it is that it is free-standing and magnetic. I can put it on the table in the mornings for announcements- field trips, etc. I wrote their happy sign on one side and on the other was a good opportunity for our sign for photos!

As far as breakfast goes, I have a go to breakfast for big days. The kids always eat it good and it is quick to make and can even travel if planned for ahead of time.

Breakfast for a big day! 

1. Egg in a basket: this is so easy it is ridiculous! Take a piece of loaf bread, leaving the edges high, press the center down flat, so you have a "basket." Crack an egg and pour in. Grate cheese over the top and pop in the oven. Cook until the egg is done.

2. Mix some vanilla yogurt with honey, preserves, or fresh/ frozen fruit. If we are on the go, I'll put this in either a travel bowl or thermos bowl.

3. I love making them smoothies for breakfast, but sometimes they just get milk or juice.

This is the best and easiest breakfast my kids will eat without fail. I bet yours will too.

Happy first day of school. May Oriental Trading make yours special too!

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