Organizing Legos With #ThirtyOneGifts

Legos- a pain in my side until I see Tbomb building something. Then it is time to clean up and it starts all over again. We have a love/ hate relationship.

Here are some products that will be sure to help.

1. Your Way Rectangle
Use it for a new LEGO user, a specific type of block, to throw them all in, to store current projects, and so much more. Even better- it has a lid and can be slid under the bed. 
2. Mini Storage Bin
Tbomb needs one of these to put the blocks he is working with in. This way, they won't fall off the table, get lost in the floor, and he can still have room on his little desk for what he is building. 
3. Oh Snap Bin
I think several of these hanging on a rod would be amazing. 1. House Parts 2. Car Parts 3. People 4. Minecraft pieces, etc

4. Large Utility Tote
Hold It ALL

5. Mini Catch All Bin
Great for specialized pieces, people, stairs, and more. Tbomb has some bendy silicone bricks that this would work great for as well. 
6. Fold N' File
This would be great for instructions, ideas, baseplates, or one for all three.
7. Quick Cinch Thermal
Quick clean up and store it all! 


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