5 Make- Ahead Breakfasts To Keep Your Family Going All Day

Be honest: When it comes to breakfast, a filling plate of eggs, a plate of pancakes, even a warm muffin sounds delightful, especially when paired with a hot beverage. Instead, we’re guessing what you often do for that first meal of the day is this: down a quick bowl of cereal or a boring piece of toast.

It’s OK: We get it. It’s hard to fit everything into a morning—reminding kids to brush their teeth, packing a lunch for themselves and for you, even getting yourself ready for the day. And the drive-through lane lures, of course—but it doesn’t have to. What you can do instead is sneak in a few moments at the end of the day so that you can have breakfast—a real, proper breakfast—that fills you up with healthy ingredients and gives you the right kind of energy to keep mornings chugging along. Here are five recipes to get started.

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