Organizing Multiple Kids With Thirty-One Gifts

Okay, so we have established my LOVE for Thirty-One Gifts. Now, I'm going to expand on that and share one more reason that I am absolutely in love with this brand.

I have two kids- they are color coded. This is the only way to manage the two of them. Not only does it help with Snapper's anxiety, but it helps with T-bomb's love for routine. If they have two completely different things, they will fight. However, if their things are just alike, it gets confusing. My solution is to color-code. Usually, Snapper has pink (if not, it is purple or orange) and Tbomb has green (if not, it is blue or gray). That is what works for us. Thirty-One really helps as well.

Here are some tips for color coding. Thirty-One is a really great help with this, as well. 

1. Decide on colors- you may as well make it colors the kids like, as they will be using it a lot

2. Go ahead and purchase tape (washi tape works well) for items like cups, electronics, and more that cannot be embroidered. 

3. Choose a few different patterns from Thirty-One that are complimentary and that your kids will love. Not all products come in the same patterns. (Snapper gets candy corners, loopsy daisy, anchors away, and candy strips. Tbomb gets the gray signature patterns, doodle dots, and digital camo). 

4. Choose a color and style to embroider. I just use the basic font and the bright green for both. However, if I was choosing solid color patterns, I would use different colors for embroidery.

5. Choose what you will embroider with. I use their nicknames (Snapper and Tbomb), you can use an initial, name, or whole initials, as well as symbols.

6. Labels can be your best friend. They are amazing to help keep little ones from losing items, as well as keeping items organized. You can color code these as well. I put "The Georges" on all the labels, but color-code them. It works perfectly.

7. Label/ Tape/ Mark/ Embroider EVERYTHING. It may seem obsessive, but you will be glad you did. Charge cables, drink cups, everything is labeled- it definitely cuts down on bickering and makes my life easier.

8. Talk with your Thirty-One Gifts consultant and she can help you pick out the right items for your family and coordinate the patterns. If you need a consultant, feel free to email me (thepalmettoqueen @ and I can help you find one.

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