Mom Approved: Veggie Go

Disclaimer: I received samples to review. All opinions are my own.

While I have started letting my little minions have more sugar, I still watch it very closely. I also watch artificial dyes, flavors, and preservatives. I can definitely tell a change in them when they have been loaded down with artificial things, even sweeteners.

This summer, I have made it my mission to find more packaged snacks (let's face it, they are easier) that I am okay with giving the kids. When we are running around like crazy, on trips, or running errands, I like to have that option. I have found several options and have been enjoying sharing what I have found with you guys.

On to the next- Veggie-Go's!

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What do I love about Veggie-Go's? There is 1 serving of fruits and vegetables in each pack. So, my kids think they are eating fruit rolls or gummies when they are getting good for them stuff in as well. Also, they love the flavor, so it is a double win.

I have also been able to get them trying new vegetables because I'll remind them that it was in their Veggie-Go's and they get excited! How can we not win?

Veggie-Go's are also USDA organic Non-GMO, Gluten Free, sustainable, fueled by wind energy, and they use little plastic with recycled and recyclable packaging!

It all started with two people, an adventure and a borderline obsession with produce.

Veggie-Go’s™ founders Lisa and John have always had a thing for real food. Growing it. Eating it. Loving it. So after living and working on organic farms across Europe, their shared passion transformed a spark of an idea into a whole new slant on snacking: delightful fruit, vibrant veggies and flavors so unique they’re downright surprising. Now it’s your turn to open wide and devour the delicious results.

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