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Disclaimer: I received products for free to review. All opinions are my own.

I have a confession to make: I dislike my hair very much. It is thick, dark, textured and curly. Thankfully, I have taken care of it over the years, so it has yet to reach the status of my fathers' curly mess, but it is not easy to deal with. Well, my little girl has the same curls- except hers is just really curly- no rough texture, it is thin, and it is blonde. I didn't realize that taking care of it would be so different from my own. I have struggled with finding the right mix of products, that is also appropriate for a 3-year-old.

Luckily, I found Rock The Locks!

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Rock The Locks is hair care for kids, without the harsh chemicals. It is actually much harder to find the right products in a formula that is completely safe for kids. I never realized how many things are in the products that I use that I would not want on her head.

Rock The Locks sent me conditioning detangler, curl boost, flex style gel, hairspray, shampoo + conditioner, and texture paste. I use these products on both the kids and they love it. I love that it works and it is safe for the kids.

I could not be happier with these products and will continue to use them.

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