31 Uses For The Triple Duty Caddy #DoItWithThirtyOne

As you know by now, I not only love organizing and Thirty-One Gifts, but I also love finding new uses for things! When I got my Triple Duty Caddy, I knew what I would use it for, but also knew there would be a ton of uses.

Here Goes: 

  1. Homeschool Organizer
  2. Classroom Organizer
  3. Portable Office
  4. Beach Bag
  5. Car Caddy
  6. Road Trip Essentials
  7. Beach Bag
  8. Games and Activities
  9. School Bag
  10. Picnic Basket
  11. Diaper Bag
  12. Pet travel necessities
  13. Backyard fun and games
  14. Camping needs
  15. Entertainment center caddy
  16. Craft supplies
  17. Scrapbook supplies
  18. Home Care Needs
  19. Traveling Business Needs
  20. Tool Bag
  21. In-Car diaper bag
  22. Car emergency kit
  23. Baby Sitter Bag
  24. College School Supplies
  25. College Bathroom Caddy (clothes, towels, and everything)
  26. Beauty Supplies (for a cosmetologist)
  27. File Box
  28. Pool-Side Kit
  29. Fire Pit Supplies
  30. American Girl Accessories
  31. Team Mom Bag
What would you use a Triple Duty Caddy for? 

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