10 Healthy Camping Snacks For Kids

I love camping. More than I can even describe, I love taking my family to be out with mother nature, to hear the lake while we drift off to sleep, and to escape the rat race with some fresh air. It is so incredibly peaceful.

Getting everything ready to camp is a different story all together. I especially stress when packing food. I worry I will not have enough healthy snacks to keep the kids going on the long days of being outside. With sugary snacks, they just crash and are hard to get along with. Over the years, I have learned of some ways to keep healthy snacks ready for summer fun, and found some great packaged ones as well.

1. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Over the years, I have learned that if we keep fresh fruit and vegetables in zip-lock bags in the drink cooler, the kids will grab them quicker and enjoy them more. Also, it keeps them fresh longer. We get carrots, celery, and cucumbers. We also slice apples, pears, oranges, grapes, and more. Using a melon baller with watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey-dew melon works great as well.

2. Packed Fruits

While we are throwing things in the cooler, we throw in some fruit cups and apple sauce. We grab a few yogurts if we run to the store as well, but only for that day.

3. Brothers' All-Natural Fruit Crisps

You all already know how much I love this product, and yep, its great for camping as well.

4. Campfire Foods

If you do a quick google of campfire foods, you would be amazed at how many snacks, dinners, and desserts you can make with a campfire and aluminum foil

5. Cereal, Crackers, Pretzels & More

Just about anything your kids snack on at home can be transformed into great camping snacks. My suggestion is to divvy them up into zip-lock backs before you go. Believe me, it will make life easier.

6. Trail Mix

Always A Winner

7. Tostitos and Salsa

A nice refreshing snack, and healthy at the same time

8. Watermelon

Why not take an afternoon to cut a chilled watermelon (put it in the lake that morning and you are good to go by afternoon) then go jump in for a swim as a family

9. Popcorn

You can either get Jiffy pop to do on the fire, or pop a bunch before you leave and put it in baggies. Perfect snack! My kids like when I add sprinkles, reeses pieces, and other goodies in.

10. Mini Chip Bags

They may not be the healthiest, but sometimes you just have to have chips. The good thing about the mini bags is that they stay fresh, are easy to grab, no dirty fingers inside the big bag, and they are portion controlled.

What do you like to take camping?

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