The BeLOVED Life Pillow: Perfect Travel Pillow, Plus Inspiration

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

My Kids Have A New Favorite Thing!

My Son, Tbomb, has been helping me review this travel pillow from The BeLOVED Life, and has become obsessed with it. He carries this thing everywhere- in the car, in the living room to watch a movie, in his play tent outside, and even just to hang out by the fire pit. Tbomb has a LOT of camo items, so this pillow was a perfect addition. Plus, I always want him to remember that GOD is his refuge and strength. He loves telling people he meets about this as well. Yes, Snapper is obsessed as well, but she is just going to have to wait her turn. 

Of course, I love it too... for some very practical reasons. Not only do I love the scripture as a gentle reminder to our children that God is always with us. Plus, the tag is also a matching bookmark, perfect for their bibles. The designs are impressive as well, something for every child in your life. They were designed for tweens, but kids like very similar items to tweens, and this pillow is no different. 

It keeps them organized, as well. The strap is perfect. I wondered why no one else made a travel pillow with a strap, but it is a wonderful selling point for The BeLOVED Life. There are 3 other great features that I know you will love! 1. Durable construction- even play will not destroy this pillow! 2. There is a pocket sewn on- big enough for a blanket, throw, book, or even a stuffed animal. Tbomb keeps his camo throw in his. 3. (Possibly my favorite). There is a pocket with closure on the strap. It is large enough for a phone, crayons, or even a few small toys. Tbomb keeps his MP3 player in his and it is perfect. Kids could even use this pillow as a lap desk while traveling, 

This is a beautifully and ingeniously designed pillow with inspiration, it cannot get any better. 

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