31 Uses For The Hanging Traveler Case #ThirtyOneGifts

Obviously, I'm a big obsessed with Thirty-One Gifts and love using their products to organize. One of my favorite things about Thirty-One, is that there are so many uses for their products. My kids have the hanging traveler case for their tablets and other electronics because they are easy to travel with and hang from the seat in front of them. As I was organizing their cases, I realized there were so many other uses for them as well.

  1. Traveling with toiletries
  2. Electronics case
  3. Planning Supplies
  4. Office in a bag
  5. Organizing small toys
  6. Scrapbook supplies
  7. Kid busy bag
  8. Tools
  9. Small diaper bag
  10. Preschool school bag
  11. First aid kid
  12. Car supplies
  13. Emergency items
  14. Camping supplies
  15. Dog travel bag
  16. Traveling with an 18 inch doll
  17. Travel lego bag
  18. Kids overnight bag
  19. Small nap kit
  20. Change of clothes for beach
  21. Beach supplies (bug spray, sunscreen,etc)
  22. Picnic supplies 
  23. Direct Sales office bag
  24. Samples Bag
  25. Project bag- keep craft project items together
  26. Homeschool on the go supply bag
  27. Close reading kit
  28. Bible Study Bag
  29. Organize electronics for travel (adults)
  30. Paranormal Investigation tools
  31. Travel DVD Case
What would you use it for? 

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