10 Must-Haves For Hiking This Summer

I love to hike! I always have. When I was a kid and teenager, I went to a camp with my church. Each camp session would have a whole day hike. Once I was an older teenager, I even got to go on an overnight hiking trip at the camp. That ignited something in me and I fell in love.

Now, I like to go on short hikes with the kids and my husband. My dream is to hike the Appalachian trail, but that might have to wait until the kids are a little older. I mean, I don't think a hike from Georgia to main is for a 3 and 6-year-old.

I've been thinking about what I need to purchase/ replace this year so that we can continue on our hikes. I thought I'd share what I feel to be must-haves for a hiking mom!

1. Good Boots: Seriously, I'm telling you that you NEED to go shoe shopping. You need boots with ankle support, foot support, that are comfortable, but also sturdy and protective.

2. Hat: I always wear a hat when I'm hiking. It keeps spiderwebs from getting in my face, protects my face from the sun, and keeps bugs out of my hair.

3. Good Athletic Clothing: You want something that is comfortable, sturdy, and makes you feel good. That's what is so great about athleisure. You can get really great fashionable fitness wear from a company, like Fabletics, that works to promote a positive body image as well. What a great two-in-one.

4. Insect Repellent: This is kind of a given.

5. Sunscreen: Even though you may be in the shade of trees a lot, you are still going to want to protect your skin for when you are not in the shade- you may find a meadow to have a picnic in.

6. Lightweight Backpack: To carry emergency supplies, snacks, a picnic, water, and anything else you may need along the way.

7. First Aid/ Emergency Kit: You never know- someone may get injured or even lost. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

8. Whistle: In case of emergency (getting lost, scaring away animals, finding others in your group, etc)

9. Leash: Whether you are walking with dogs or a kid, a leash is a good idea. I always make my kids walk with a leash- in case they slip, try to wonder, or anything else, they cannot stray to far from mommy!

10. Pocket Knife: You never know when you may need a pocket knife.

Whether you want to casually hike the woods behind your house, find a scenic trail, go on an all-day or overnight hike, or even hike to find bigfoot, I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Happy hiking!

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