Robotic Vacuum Tips

Before we recommend some of the best robotic pool vacuum cleaners, let's first explore what they are all about. With a technology revolution sweeping the globe, robotic vacuum cleaners have become one of the most popular household gadgets today although we recommend reading The 5 Best Pool Vacuums in the World Right Now – A Detailed Comparison before making your final decision.

Ever since man invented the first machine, his aim was to minimize the use of physical labor to do any kind of chore. Nothing highlights this fact more than the concept of robotic vacuums, which are designed to reduce human intervention and increase efficiency at the same time. These electronic masterpieces can just be switched on and left alone to get the cleaning job done with no supervision whatsoever.

How do they work?

Innovative technology has been used to make robotic pool vacuum cleaners a practical reality. The high-tech navigation technology applied makes it possible for these devices to be moved from one room to another with ease. The system uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID), commonly found in toll booths on highways.

Most robotic pool vacuums have rubber bumpers around them to protect them or anything they run into from any damage that might otherwise be sustained. However, the best robotic pool cleaners have infrared sensors that alert them to obstacles (such as people standing in the way) that automatically spur them to change direction.

These cleaning devices are equipped with features like self-adjusting cleaning heads. These sense the kind of surface that needs cleaning, and the robotic vacuum adjusts to the appropriate setting automatically. The best robotic vacuum cleaners will remove dirt and debris from your pool without human intervention. Many models come with a charging base and are programmed to return to it for recharge when the battery is exhausted.

Some of them are programmed to store and remember the paths they did not clean so that they can return and do the job later. Some have wheel sensors installed in them to ensure that they do not roll down stairs or off a ledge during the cleaning process.

Leading manufacturers

Many companies are vying to come up with the best robotic vacuum cleaners. Amongst the top players in the current field are Hitachi, United States' iRobot and Europe's Electrolux. All of them are developing Mark II products that would provide their customers with total freedom from household cleaning.

Robotic vacuum brands have been a topic of discussion amongst consumers and reviewers alike. These include Hoover, Infinuvo, Roomba, Robomaxx, Trilobite and FloorBot. Amongst these, iRobot's Roomba is a popular model. Its high price tag of $200 on average can be completely justified by the many advanced features offered and the convenience it offers by cleaning the floor of a space without your intervention.

The Verdict

With such a myriad of offerings to choose from, it's an easy decision to buy a robotic vacuum. You can leave it to perform its daily cleaning activities while you tend to other household work. Every day, robotic vacuum companies are coming up with more advanced versions of robotic machines. They are designing new models that require less effort to operate and accomplish more than their predecessors.

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