Jesus Healed the Blind: Eyes are Important #FoundationForFightingBlindness

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for writing this post. However, this is something I feel strongly about and I feel we should all be informed about. 

When Jesus healed the blind man, he did more than a miracle. He taught us an important lesson. He taught us to take care of the bodies God gave us to the best of our abilities. In His time, there were no ophthalmologists or doctors, so people had to rely on His miracles to be cured. This was a time of miracles and no science. In today's time, we have doctors for everything. Guess what?! That is a miracle in itself. God gave these doctors and the doctors before them the knowledge and the abilities so that they can help us take care of the bodies He gave us. 

Jesus Healed the Blind, so we should care about people who are blind, learn more about a common curable eye disease, AMD. Download the PDF packet

Information about the public service announcement can be found on the ffb site. 

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