Easter Books: Beautiful Hands-on Books: Noah, Beauty and the Beast, and Pirates!

Disclaimer: I have received books to review. All opinions are my own.

I love books, and I always have. They have always captured my attention. Even after I was grown and before I had kids, I loved children's books. In fact, I have a collection of beautifully illustrated fairy tales that I will one day pass on to my daughter. Since the kids were born, I have found more and more books to fall in love with and love books that allow for hands-on interaction with the story/ lesson.

These new Story Book Gift Sets from Silver Dolphin Books are no different. We all love them.


This retelling of the story of Noah's Ark is a fun and lively version of the classic tale, in which Noah builds an ark with room for his family and all the animals to save them from the flood. With beautiful art from Christopher Flint plus a large, foldout model of the ark, young readers will love this brand-new version of this Bible story. Children can reenact the story with the cardboard characters and animals included as well!

Relive and reenact the classic fairytale of Beauty and the Beast in this brand-new storybook and playset. When a terrifying Beast captures Beauty's father, Beauty agrees to take her father's place as his prisoner. But while she lives in the palace with him, she learns that he is good and kind and not so terrifying. But can Beauty love the Beast? With a beautiful story, charming illustrations, and a fold out castle filled with a library, a ballroom, and more, young readers will enjoy reading and playing along with the lovely Beauty and her Beast.

Tommy Montgomery loved everything there was to love about pirates! "Treasure first and friends forever!" was the motto he knew and tried to live by. All Tommy wanted was to be a pirate, and one day he decided it was time for an adventure! So he snuck on The Pirate's Revenge and headed for the high seas. Children can follow along and reenact their favorite scenes in this storybook and playset! The large, foldout model becomes the inside of a pirate ship so children can play as they read along and find out if Tommy has what it takes to become a real-life pirate!

My children and I absolutely love these book playsets. My husband gets in on the fun too. I love to watch them play along as I read to them. They even like to play with them by themselves. Tbomb will look at the pictures in the book, create it, and tell his sister the story. The Beauty And The Beast book is perfect for her- she talks to the characters and tells them where to go (which is huge for her- it is a great part of her speach therapy). Tbomb likes to teach Snapper about Noah's Ark, which just happens to be both of their favorite Bible Story. I like to watch them play with their Arks together and learn together. It is truly a blessing to watch them grow and interact with stories, and this is the perfect way to do it. 

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