Do It With #ThirtyOneGifts: 31 Uses For The Hang It Up Key Fob

As you know by now, I love Thirty-One Gifts. In fact, I'm a little obsessed. This spring, I am bringing you the best and most versatile products from Thirty-One and showing you how to get your family organized for summer. We will cover kids on the go, moms on the go, in the car, sports, the whole family, and so much more. I am looking forward to getting further in this series and hope you are as well.

I love products that can be used for a variety of things. The Hang-it-up Key fob is one of the most versatile products I have come across. Here are just a few of the things you can use it for (besides the obvious keys!)

  1. Pacifier Clip
  2. Carseat cup clip
  3. Purse hanger for strollers and buggies
  4. Collect hair ties in one place with no tangles
  5. Hang items on kids' backpacks
  6. Carry multiple bags of groceries
  7. Use two with a leash to walk 2 dogs
  8. Hang keys from stroller or even around your wrist
  9. Hang locker key from yourself at the gym
  10. Hang bag from car headrest
  11. Turn wallet into wristlet
  12. Organize store discount cards
  13. Great Gift for new drivers
  14. Clip rings/ jewelry on for safe keeping
  15. Water bottle clip 
  16. Cord organizer
  17. Attach sports equipment/ instruments/ etc to backpacks
  18. Connect pairs of shoes together (perfect for ballet slippers/ dance shoes/ cleats)
  19. Safety whistle holder
  20. Curtain tie back
  21. Key finder- never lose your keys again
  22. Gift tag holder
  23. Sunglasses holder in car or large purse
  24. Connect handles of large totes (think: Large Utility Tote)
  25. Gift bag add-in
  26. Luggage identifier
  27. Connect water bottle to bike
  28. Connect hand sanitizer to car, bags, and lunch boxes
  29. Attach shopping basket to stroller
  30. Cell phone lanyard- keep it from going to the bottom of your bag
  31. Of course- a pretty keyring!
I'm starting to think that every mom needs at least two of these in her arsenal! 

What would you use your hang-it-up key fob for?

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