Survive The Rest Of The School Year: Get It Done With #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer: I received products to create a project with. However, all opinions are my own.

Once spring starts hitting the air and that warm weather and sunshine hits our faces, we start craving summertime. We crave outside, the beach, the rivers, and finishing up a school year. It isn't always easy to stay focused those last few months of school, but I have some tips to help keep the kids on track, the classroom organized, and help prepare for next year. Guess what?! Oriental Trading can help you get it done!

Here are 5 Ways To Survive the Rest of The School Year

1. Stay Organized.
This is a biggie. It is so easy to just give up and let things go. However, when this time of year hits, it is even more important to stay organized. Why? When you are organized, you are focused. When you are focused, the students are more likely to be focused.

  • Supply boxes
  • Bulletin Board Storage 
  • Hanging Storage Bags 
  • Chart Storage Bar 
  • Accordian Folders
2. Prepare For Next Year
Go ahead and get your lesson plan book for next year and start making notes. Get you some great sticky notes. As you think of things you want to change about next year or include, stick those notes in. Think about how you want to organize your classroom next year and make notes of it. Another thing to include in this section is preparing for the end of the year- make it special for your students. 

  • Dr Seuss Lesson Plan Book 
  • Owl Pring Mortarboard Cap- let your kids graduate and take photos. 
  • Graduation Gifts For Your Students
  • Sticky Notes
3. Label
Make sure everything is labeled. If you label now, next year will be more simple. Another bonus to labeling now is that you have adjusted to your classroom and students, so you know more of what works than you did at the beginning of the school year! Labeling can be fun too! 

  • Washi Tape 
  • Owl  Name Tags 
  • Sharpies 
  • Masking Tape
4. Have Extra Crafts/ Projects On Hand
Have you ever started a day and knew that your plan was not going to work? Yeah, it happens, especially when the weather starts warming up. If you keep some crafts and projects on hand, you can take a break from the plan, let your students have some fun, and then get back on track. Giving everyone a little break is good! 

  • Highest Power Foam Shapes 
  • Highest Power Passport Sticker book 
  • Highest Power Wheel 
  • Highest Power Foam Magnet Craft Kit 
  • Panda Foam Magnet Craft Kit
5. Have Fun and Start New Crafts
Do you plan on doing projects during the summer, then find yourself rushing to get things done before the school year starts because you spent the summer having fun? Well, we all do. However projects for your classroom and be fun. Remind yourself of that and get started now- then you will be more likely to continue a little at a time over the summer.  

  • Elmer's Extra Strength Craft Stick 
  • Dry Erase Material Roll 
  • Adhesive Magnetic Tape 
  • Chalk Board Paint 
  • Elmer's Repositionable Mounting Spray

I personally love getting organized this time of year and start thinking about the projects I want to tackle for next year. In fact, I just completely redid our "classroom" for spring break and I couldn't be happier. It has given me, even more, ideas for next year's projects.


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