Get Your Homeschool Organized with #ThirtyOneGifts

Disclaimer: I received products to review and to give away. All opinions are my own.

If you are anything like me, your homeschool supplies, organization, and area are constantly changing. We haven't had an area to set up as a permanent classroom, so we have a portable classroom. Even with this setup, I am constantly changing it and reorganizing it. However, I think I finally found the perfect set up with Thirty-One gifts.

I'm bringing you a series on how to organize your portable homeschool, but most of my tips can be used in any homeschool situation. The key is keeping what you need handy, being able to find everything, and finding what works best for you. Making it pretty is always a plus. (Psst... there is a giveaway at the end!)

Today, we are going to start with the backbone of your portable homeschool. Getting this set up just right will allow you to teach anywhere in the house, outside, or even on the go (field trips, parks, vacations). For me, if this gets unorganized, I am completely lost. My portable homeschool consists of two main items.

Our morning basket with bible study, social skills, and sign language is using the Double Duty Caddy. My supplies are in one side and bibles are in the other. I can also keep my timer and ABC scripture cards handy. This is the best solution for our morning basket, and I can carry it around.

The winner is right here- here is my portable homeschool bag. I usually keep my binder laying on top, but if we are moving around, it can easily be slipped inside, along with my laptop or netbook and any extra books and supplies we may have. Becuase the kids use zipper binders for their daily work, I keep a folder for each of them in here- it has paper and a slot for the days' assignments, worksheets, or questions for a field trip. Since they are young, they do not have to carry those binders everywhere. Other than that, everything goes along. I use an Organizing Utility Tote for this, although they have zippers now, mine does not (this one was actually my diaper bag with both kids!)

Inside my OUT (Organizing Utility Tote) is everything we need for daily homeschool lessons, including our supplies. I use a Fold N' File to corral all of our workbooks, reading assignments, worksheets, and reference books. then, my binder and computer can go on either side of it. I love all the pockets for holding supplies like the boogie board, dry erase DVD cases, McGuffey's Primer, and our daily read-out-loud book (we're on the Paddington series). One pocket even holds my Shine-On Jewelry Case. This case is perfect for my supplies that the kids do not use like my dry erase markers, pens, sticky notes, chalk, scissors, stapler, and more. Seriously, we have everything we need in here. 

I have a second one in the morning basket with the same basic supplies in it so that when we start our morning meeting I do not have to stop to gather supplies. It works perfectly! 


One lucky person will win an organizing set from Thirty-One Gifts. It will consist of a Your-Way Rectangle Bin with Lid, as well as a Double Duty Caddy. The prints will be decided by the winner. To enter, simply comment on this post and you will be randomly entered to win! Be sure to visit Thirty-One Gifts and tell me what you like the most about their products. (remember to leave your email address for contact!) A Winner will be chosen Sunday, March 26. Good Luck. 

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  1. This would be perfect to organize my little one for school- we are just starting this year. Ainsley thank you for this opportunity