Fabulous Easter Baskets With #ThirtyOneGifts

I love creating Easter Baskets. Even before I had kids, I'd find someone every year to make an Easter basket for. I just love them. They are like stockings! I love finding cute/ whimsical little trinkets and mixing them in with things that are super useful. This year, my kids are getting fun things, along with school supplies, Bible Study helpers, and even travel items! I'm sure you can imagine how much fun I'm having with this. Seriously, I start thinking about them right after Christmas!

One of my favorite things is to find an item that is very useful to use as the actual basket. In the past, I have used purses, Thirty-One bins, diaper bags, coffee cups, coolers, and more. In fact, my son's first Easter, I used a shopping cart cover for his basket! I still haven't decided on this years, but it is between a new backpack, a wagon, a sand bucket, or maybe even new baskets for the tricycles. See, I have too much fun with this.

Looking through the Spring Thirty-One Catalog got me thinking about Easter Baskets, so I wanted so share some things you could grab and customize from Thirty-One. (The big thing lately is custom Easter baskets- why not get them something they are going to use all year and longer and get it customized?!)

Image result for spring chick mini storage bin
2. Fold Over Weekender For The Traveler In your Life.
Image result for fold over weekender thirty one
3. Lil' Go Backpack - great for kids on the go!
Image result for lil go backpack thirty one

Image result for hanging traveler case thirty-one

Catch-All Bin
Your Way Rectangle Basket Liner
Clear As Day Duo
Creative Caddy
All-In Organizer
Double Duty Caddy
Lunch Break Thermal

While I'm at it, here are some basket stuffer ideas!

Image result for thirty-one key fob
Image result for thirty-one keepsake tray
Style Sleeve
Manicure Nail File
Inspirational Card Set
Leather Icon Bracelet
Cool Clip Thermal Pouch

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