Embrace Grace: These Two Words Make a Huge Difference

Disclaimer: I  received this product from Embrace Grace in exchange for reviewing the item and that this post is part of the FrontGate Blogger Network.

One thing that really bothers me about our society is the thought that if a girl/ woman is young and/ or unmarried, her only pregnancy option is abortion. Since when? Instead of shaming them into aborting, shouldn't we teach them to embrace this wonderful gift God has given them, and help them to embrace grace?

Embrace Grace/ Love in a Box is a pro-love initiative launched to help save babies and help moms get plugged into local churches for spiritual, emotional and physical support through an Embrace Grace group. These boxes are distributed to pregnancy centers all over the country. The boxes are intended to help young girls who are facing a life or death decision feel empowered, brave, and to embrace grace. This pro-love movement is aimed to help young girls make a decision and understand that they can do it and they can do it with love. We want to help brave moms choose life and get plugged into a spiritual family so they can be saved, discipled, mentored and be a part of a community that loves them the way Jesus loves. 

The Embrace Grace Ministry would like for more women to get involved in this pro-love movement. They have come up with 3 ways all women can help and get more involved. 

  1. Start an Embrace Grace at their local church so young women with unplanned pregnancies have a support group. 
  2. Partner with the national organization through prayer and support at www.EmbraceGrace.com
  3. Download and print our brave girl letter (http://egrace.co/brave) and mail to address below for us to place inside a Love in a Box. 
You can mail your Brave Girl letter to:

Embrace Grace, Inc.
Attn: Love in a Box
700 W. Bedford Euless Rd., Ste. G
Hurst, TX 76053

The items in the boxes are absolutely beautiful and great quality. They are items that these girls will be honored to have and will always cherish.

Boxes are distributed to pregnancy centers nation-wide and given to young, single women with positive pregnancy tests. The box is full of gifts that will inspire hope and impart love to a mom that may be scared for her future. Each box consists of a Fearless Journal and pen, a Bump in Life book, a baby onesie, testimonial letters of girls that chose adoption and chose to parent, an invitation to join an Embrace Grace group and a Brave Girl letter that can be written by YOU!

You have the opportunity to speak into the life of a mom that could possibly be contemplating a life or death decision. You can encourage, uplift and inspire her to choose life and to get plugged into an Embrace Grace support group at a local church. 

However, the greatest gift is the Embrace Grace ministry. Not only does Embrace Grace help give scared, young, pregnant girls who feel alone a breath of fresh air, but also the support they need to accept live's challenges. In addition to this, Embrace Grace gives women the chance to reach out and give advice, support, and encouragement to those who need it most. Embrace Grace ministries help both sides in a ministry that I hope will last for many decades to come, it is something that is needed in this scary world we live in.

5 people will win a "You Are Strong, You Are Brave, You Are Loved" journal and a "Pro-Love" necklace from Embrace Grace a Pro-Love cause! Enter Here

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