Book Review: Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.

The Bible is not a fairy tale, but every great story happened “once upon a time.” The Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible highlights powerful and inspiring stories from the Bible, beautifully illustrated with fantastical artwork by Omar Aranda. Stories include Ruth, Abigail, Esther, The Parable of the Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, Mary Magdalene, and many more. Each captivating story is told in a way that will get children excited about reading the tales of real heroes of the Bible.

I love these storybook bibles for when we are studying a certain concept or a certain person/ story of the bible. The kids seem to follow along better, especially when we are first starting- it is a great introduction. These storybook bibles are also great for bedtime. I especially love this one because the illustrations are beautiful and there are stories not commonly included in many storybooks. I also love that it focuses on these being the greatest stories ever told. Each story is accompanied by a prayer and two scriptures as well. The pictures are captivating and the stories are told much like a fairy tale, pulling the kids in.

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