10 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom For Spring

As I sit at my table writing this article, I can see the crabapple tree in the front yard- in full bloom. We have enjoyed the windows being open, hearing the rain, and watching the cool breeze gently blowing the fresh buds of the trees out here in the country. As you can tell, I love spring and cannot wait for summer.

We have been doing some super spring cleaning. We have pretty much emptied, sorted, and completely redone the kids' room. We have also purged (and continue to purge) every thing in the house. Spring makes me crave fresh and new- what better time to sort and bring out the lighter fabrics. I want to share with you some ways to bring your bedroom new life with spring.

1. Change your comforter. Switch to a lighter fabric, a simple blanket, or a brighter color. This is something I have done since I was a kid. At one point, I had two different gold comforters I would switch between. At one point, I even used a flat sheet over a blanket because I didn't have and couldn't find a light comforter I liked. 

2. Switch out your curtains. I like switching to sheers in the sprint time. I usually leave sheers up under my heavier curtains and in the sprint, I will draw the drapes and tie them up really pretty with a wide ribbon and leave the sheers available. I open those sheers every morning and close them at night. There is just something about letting that sunshine in. 

3. Wash the fabrics. Starting fresh in the spring can change a lot. Wash what you can, Lysol or Odo-ban what you cannot. This includes pillows, blankets, cushions, curtains- all of it. If you can, it helps to hang everything out (even rugs) on a line for a day. You would be amazed at what a difference that will make.

4.  Wash your walls. The year can leave all kinds of grime on your walls. Mix you up a bucket of pine-sol, spic-and-span, and water. Simply wash those walls with a rag and you will be good to go for another year.

5. Clean under everything. Whether you have carpets, tile, or hardwood, the grime can get under your furniture. This is the perfect time to move everything and clean the floors under the furniture.

6. Bring the outside in. Cut some fresh flowers, bring in a green plant, or even decorate with garden decor- simple things can make a big difference.

7. Wash the Windows! I always love washing the windows at the beginning of spring- there is something magical about it!

8. Pack up Winter. Of course, you need to keep out some sweaters, pants, and a jacket all year. However packing away those bulky coats, scarves, and winter clothes can make a difference. Your closet will look better too.

9. Declutter- there is nothing like how a spring house feels after the junk and weight is gone. It is amazing how much we accumulate in a year.

10. Open your windows. Especially on those warm breezy days, it is so nice to get fresh air and natural light in the house. After a Winter of being closed up, open the doors and windows and let the light and air in.

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