Why I Choose Premium Grain-free Biscuits For My Dog Everyday

With National Dog Biscuit Day coming up on February 23rd, I was ecstatic to find the Farmer's Medley line from Milk-Bone. I think about the food and quality ingredients I eat to fuel my life—and do the same for my dog. Whether it's for training or treating, dog biscuits are part of our everyday routine, especially for the dogs that are in crates at night.

That's why I recently partnered with Milk-Bone to try out their new Farmer's Medley dog treats. They are full of great ingredients! Below are some of the questions I think about before I buy treats for my dog.

My family and I take steps to snack smart throughout the day and I didn't want to leave our 4-legged babies out. So I went on the hunt for a dog treat with the best ingredients, such as real meat and vegetables that would support my dog's eating habits. Milk-Bone Farmer's Medley dog biscuits are a great choice—and our dogs love them too, especially my sweet brown boston!

Milk-Bone's Farmer's Medley treats contain simple ingredients so I can rest assured that we are giving the best product to our dog. The treats are made with real US-sourced beef, chicken, turkey, or lamb and vegetables. And I am excited about the grain-free options (though the dogs love the whole-grain treats too)! I feel good about feeding these biscuits to my dog every day. We love that the ingredients are US- sourced, especially with all the tainted stuff in the last few ears.

Many quality dog treats can be pricey and can have you guessing if your choice was worth the big bucks.  Milk-Bone Farmer's Medley dog treats provide the same quality ingredients found in premium dog biscuits but at an affordable price. So you don't have to worry about breaking the bank by spending a lot on premium treat options for your dog.

If you haven't tried Milk-Bone's Farmer's Medley dog biscuits yet, National Dog Biscuit Day (February 23) is the perfect day to do so. I would love to hear your own reason for choosing treats for your dog in the comments below.

To learn more about Milk-Bone Farmer's Medley dog treats (and where you can find them near you), head over to http://bit.ly/2kRB3XH-thepalmettoqueen

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