How to Accustom Your Child to Reading

In most cases, children start reading from an early age. Parents read stories, play word games and show colored books with poems. That books are very attractive and made of durable materials with the use of technologies so that the kid get the pleasure to browse. 

Interacting with books, the child begins to develop different types of memory and fine motor skills, perceives images and get used to the letters; in other words – begins to understand the outside world. That’s why any conscious parent must instill and maintain the child’s interest in reading.

However, situations, when kids don't want to read, are no exception. And here parents often make mistakes. Today, we’ll discuss the next questions:
  1. When is it necessary to acquaint children with books?
  2. When to start to teach a child to read?
  3. How to teach kids reading?

The answers to these questions will give you valuable material on the question of how to accustom your child to read. 

#1 When is it Necessary to Acquaint Children with Books

At first, you should choose books that meet the age of your kid. 
  • Until the baby turned a year, you can use all sorts of themed images, books with pictures, and stories in pictures, which tell about basic things like how to wash, to eat, to play.
  • The period between one and two years is the best to read before going to bed. Buy or download short stories and folk tales that kids listen to with great pleasure.
  • At the age of four, children begin to learn the letters and inscriptions, memorizing information and putting letters into words and pronouncing them. Since then, the child can gradually begin to read independently.

However, sometimes it happens that kids show no interest in independent reading. The main reason here is the fact that the development of reading skills takes too much energy, not to mention the fact that the baby needs to understand what he reads. Take this moment into account and support your child, varying the reading load.

#2 When to Start to Teach a Child to Read

By and large, the book should be an essential attribute for your kid from the first days when the baby starts to realize something.  At first, books can play the role of toys and then be used for direct purposes.

Books should always be freely available, enabling the child to take them when he wants. As for the "before bed reading," start it as soon as possible. The child needs not only to hear but also to see his mother/father with a book in hands (as you know, the best role model for a child is his mom and dad). Seeing that the parents have the habit of reading, the kid with the big share of probability will begin to adopt it.

But it is important to remember that the greatest interest in reading still formed not by example but via training. 

#3 How to Teach Kids Reading

  • The first and main principle is that reading shouldn’t be a burden. Try to make reading a game so that the child will never know that you teach him, give homework or test.
  • When your child can read by himself, read him some interesting books. Reach the most interesting episode, tell him that you have some business, and walk away. It may surprise you, but the child will finish reading by himself. The key point is to make sure that the passage is not too large so that the child is able to cover it.
  • Before reading, assign roles between yourself and the kid, and read in order of priority. For example, you can read for the author and characters.
  • Start an interesting conversation, for example, on the topic of the most favorite character. Start with a small note and gradually add lines to it.
  • When cooking, let your child read you the paragraphs of the recipe (by the way, you can write the recipe by yourself, pretending to cook a dish for the first time).
  • Buy lots of letter magnets and match different words or even small sentences on the fridge. By doing this regularly, you will form the baby's interest in reading new messages.
  • Teach your child to play a board game, but on the condition that he must read the rules.
  • Play "treasure seekers" – stash treasure at home, write little clues on sheets of paper and let your child read them to find the treasure.
  • If you go shopping with your child, read with him the texts on the tablets, ads, advertisements, signs, etc.

Final Recommendations

To instill and keep the desire to read, make sure you have interesting books in your home library. These include fairy tales and children's stories, books about space, dinosaurs, cars, planes, animals, encyclopedias, and educational books.

Every time your child reads, reward with small gifts and tell about his success to everyone who comes to visit you. If the child already goes to school, take a rule of an hour of reading a day during holidays and weekends.

However, don't force your child to read for a long time without a break; after all, reading is rather difficult. If the baby is tired, let him make a break or continue reading the next day. If he is not interested in the book, let him choose another. After the kid read something, ask him what the text was about and what he was able to absorb and learn.

Finally, if your child shows no interest in reading, think about what you have done or are doing wrong. Maybe, the biggest question is when have you last read a book?


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