Fabulous Accessories For Her Doll From Sophia's

Disclaimer: I received products to review. All opinions are my own. (I was provided an outfit, Salon Doll Chair, and Complete Hair Accessory Set. All other items are from Snapper's collection)

I have blogged several times about miss Snapper's problem- she doesn't talk, even though she turned 3 in September. She is extremely intelligent but just doesn't talk. She has been in speech therapy since October. It is helping, but it is slow going and sometimes she doesn't want to talk. Another problem with Snapper is that she doesn't use her imagination. Well, I thought I had a solution. She received an 18" doll for Christmas and loves her. We started her out by getting her a few things that matched things Snapper has. Guess what?! She takes that doll everywhere, even eats with her laying on the table. She even has the doll ride her large plastic ponies (you know the popular ones with pretty hair?!) I went to her room to check on her and found snapper talking to her doll. Guess what that means? These dolls are a winner and her collection will be expanded. We had some help with that from Sophia's.

The great folks at Sophia's sent Snapper a Salon Doll chair, Complete Hair Accessory Set, and an adorable outfit.

Image result for flower shirt capris sophia's      Image result for sophia's salon chair  Image result for sophia's salon chair

My little Snapper has been having the time of her life playing with these accessories from Sophia's. She can dress her with these clothes because they are velcro and not buttons or snaps. They are also very well made, so I do not have to worry about her playing rough and ripping them like some we have do. 

The Salon chair and hair care set have provided hours of fun for her. I'm am totally impressed not only with the items that are included for play, but also the quality of the items. She hasn't broken anything yet and she tends to be a bit rough. I was shocked to find her doll grooming it's doll one day. 

Sophia's is of the same quality of what you would expect from a brand like American Girl, but with a much more affordable price. Comparing these items with the sets that come from other brands, I was very impressed with the designs, construction, and details. The accessories and clothes are made to fit all 18" dolls, but remember, each brand is a little different. 

Miss Snapper is so in love with these accessories, she wants to take the chair everywhere for her doll to sit in. I know that Sophia's will be a standing name in our house, and yours too! 

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