Mom Approved: Handsocks

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

A little of Snapper's story is known. She has only just begun talking and she turned 3 in September. We have been through a ton of testing and finally she was diagnosed with a significant speech delay and anxiety (most likely due to the speech delay). Part of the anxiety is that she sucks on her fingers and bites her nails. While this does help her cope with the anxiety, it sucking on her fingers hinders her speech development. I always keep teething options for her to keep her from biting her nails and other things she shouldn't be biting on. However, sucking on her fingers is something that I cannot seem to get a handle on, until now.

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I was sent a sample of Handsocks to review and had a feeling they would be a wonderful solution and I was right. She likes having something soft on her hands. I put them on her with them folded down so that she can use her hands. When I catch her trying to bite her nails or suck on her fingers, I just fold the cover over and she can't. Sometimes, like during speech therapy, or in the store, I automatically fold the cover over, that way we stop it before it starts when she usually has more anxiety. She doesn't like not being able to use her fingers, so it is a type of deterrent, but I think the feel of the cotton is like her blanket and soothes her.

Handsocks donates to Orphan's Promise each time a pair is sold. Orphan's Promise provides shelter, medical care, food, and education to orphans in the US and around the world. Thank you for each pair that you purchase. We make a difference together. 

Handsock's story is amazing as well. Inventor, Casey Burke Bunn, forgot to pack mittens and layers for her infant daughter. She used ski socks to keep her arms and hands warm, so the idea of Handsocks came to fruition. Casey set out to create the perfect mittens for babies and toddlers- she definitely succeeded. 

There are so many reasons why our customers love Handsocks mittens!

  • Protection: protect precious newborn skin from scratches, stop babies and little ones from irritating infant eczema, skin conditions and wounds , plus unexpected casts/ports in the NICU
  • Warmth: the unique mitten base rolls up the arm to become a sleeve, giving warmth and a perfect fit
  • Comfort: Our Handsocks have a blankie feel, so soft and comforting and the minky-style have extra padding too
  • No-fling: The sleeve-like effect keeps the Handsocks on without tightness or using Velcro or straps. No more lost mittens!
  • Fashion: Our cute design co-ordinates with plains or patterns, and gives a sweet pattern surprise when the hands are turned back
  • MITTENS GROW WITH YOUR CHILD: Handsocks are a lifestyle brand with models ranging from NB-3T. Our cozy, cute, and protective mittens are designed to grow with your child's needs.

Handsocks are perfect for any child, so be sure to grab some for your kids, as well as some for gifts! 


  1. Love her!!! Thank you so much for your sweet review :) So glad she loves them, I can send a Large size to for 3T+. Hugs from VA!!

    1. Thanks so much and we love Handsocks! I would love that and so would she! I think the minky ones would be amazing for her sensory needs- the blanket I'm trying to get her to stop dragging everywhere is minky! my email address is Thank you so much!!!