Mom Approved: Brooklyn Owl

Disclaimer: I was sent samples to review. However, All opinions are my own. 

Brooklyn Owl

Annie Bruce, founder of Brooklyn Owl lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and her daughter, Bee.  She created Brooklyn Owl in 2010 as a way to make the world more colorful and cute, one accessory at a time.  Brooklyn Owl creates magical unicorn and monster horns, party garlands and cake toppers. Everything is handmade in New York City by Annie and her team of talented seamstresses.  Annie and Bee designed the Brooklyn Owl unicorn horn together when Bee was only four.  You can spot them galloping around New York City going on magical adventures.


I was sent 3 magical unicorn horns - two tween sizes for my kids and a mini for Snapper's doll. I knew my son would want one as well because those two kids will play anything together- it doesn't matter what it is. They have spent hours on magical adventures with these horns and Snapper's doll tagging along. I love them because they promote imagination, which all moms want. 

I was extremely impressed with the quality. My kids play rough and they are still 100% intact, so don't worry, they will last quite a while. They are made of quality materials and sewn together thoroughly. These horns will bring magic to any home- put them on cats, dogs, kids, horses, bunnies, dolls, teddy bears, or even yourself. 

Brooklyn Owl also creates sparkle skirts for mom and daughter- perfect for a day out together, party, or tea party. Also in their collection is monster horns, ears, horse and pony horns, clips and headbands, cake toppers, confetti, garland, and I'm sure there is more to come soon. 

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