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Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I may not have used a helmet when I was a kid to ride anything but on dad's motorcycle. Things are a bit different with my own kids. Of course, helmets are a bit more accessible now than they were when I was a kid.

My childhood:

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My kids are a bit different. They wear a helmet with scooters, bicycles, 4wheeler, and more. My husband and I have even threatened to make them wear one with their hoppers and the rocking horse because they go crazy.

My husband and I were on a mission to find a helmet that would grow with Tbomb instead of buying him a new one every couple of years. He grew out of his first one and we passed it along to Snapper. However, we'd rather each of them have one that can grow with them and that is fun for them to wear. Thanks to Brainskinz, we have both!

Why brainskinz™ ?

brainskinz™ are fun, changeable helmets that your kids will love to wear! brainskinz™ are colorful, playful and just plain fun. brainskinz™ can be worn pretty much any time your kids are in motion*. And, when they get tired of a design, they can simply detach the current Shell and choose another from their collection. Keeping it fresh means keeping them on their melons!

Brainskinz are highly adjustable helmets to fit kids 7 and up. They meet bicycle and skateboard testing requirements. Your helmet is outfitted with soft, satiny padding for comfort, an adjustable clasp-style chinstrap and a dial-fit that perfectly conforms to your melon. Personally, I think the helmet itself looks really cool, but kids find fun in picking their shell. The shells are easily changed. Your child can do it by themselves- win for independence. 

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