Child Training Bible: Bible Study For Kids And Parents #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample to review. All opinions are my own.

Download a BookmarkWhenever we have a situation with the kids, like tattling, bullying, or studying the bible, that we really want them to understand why it is so important, we always turn to the bible. My husband and I will sit with the kids, their bibles, our bibles, and a concordance and find scriptures that explain that we get our rules from God and why they are important. Sometimes this is difficult. We sometimes have a hard time finding scriptures that relate and it can take quite a while, making the kids lose interest. I came across the Child Training Bible, and knew it was the solution. I had the opportunity to review it and share with you. You are going to love this!

The Child Training Bible ($9.00) comes with instructions, a cover page, and pages with discussion starters and prayers. With your own Bible (recommended: English Standard Version, but I used a NIrV because that's what my kids understand best), highlighters in 7 colors, and sticky tabs in those same 7 colors, you create your own Child Training Bible.

The Child Training Bible website includes endorsements, tutorials, instructions, recommended supplies, and so much more. The creators are also easy to reach, passionate, and friendly.

I was expecting the Bible to be hard to assemble, but I was definitely wrong. In fact, I assembled it in one evening after the kids went to bed while listening to a football game. It took me about 4 hours, but I would take breaks and watch the game with my husband.


Since assembling the Child Training Bible, we have referenced it on almost a daily basis. We have also used it with our family bible study. It is interesting to see the themes you are reading about while going through the passages. When school starts back next week, I intend to use it with our morning Bible study as well. 

I have one tip: Follow the advice of the creator and use the recommended tabs. I used the tabs I always buy, which are like sticky notes. The problem with these is that they do cover some of the words. I have the recommended ones on the way and will be replacing them when they arrive. So, save yourself time and money and buy the recommended ones to begin with. 

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Are you interested in winning a Child Training Bible (it does not include the actual Bible, tabs, or highlighters)? Well, here is your chance. Comment below and let me know how it could help your children. A winner will be chosen Monday, January 16, 2017. Be sure to include your email address for contact. 

Good luck and thank you!


  1. My children are adults.. But since my church is very small I'm sure sunday school could use it!

  2. This would be perfect for my kids. They love the bible, but I sometimes struggle to find the appropriate scripture for a teaching my kids about God. -

  3. I know your drawing was the 16th but I've been struggling with my daughter. Hoping I'm too late for a chance!