Book Review: The Tuttle Twins and The Road To Surfdom

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.

I love political science (I minored in Political Science in college and was in some pre-law programs in high school and college). I love studying the constitution and laws. In fact, constitutional law is one of my favorite subjects. However, I am not one to just believe what I read. I even like to study the constitution along with Supreme Court decisions and come to my own conclusions. I don't take what is told on the news for fact and I want my children to learn the same thing. I cannot wait to teach my children about The Constitution and teach them to study it for themselves. The book I was sent to review is right along with my thoughts on teaching children about the government and political science.

Until now, freedom-minded parents have had little to no educational material to teach their children the concepts of liberty.

The Tuttle Twins series of books helps children learn about political and economic principles in a fun and engaging manner. With colorful illustrations and a fun story, your children will follow Ethan and Emily as they learn about liberty!

The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom!

racorn6q5dHistory abounds with examples of government officials making decisions, well-intentioned or otherwise, that harm others. Unfortunately, these unintended consequences are never anticipated and rarely considered once they occur. As the Tuttle Twins find in their latest adventure, central planning can ruin people’s lives.

Nobel prize-winning economist F.A. Hayek’s famous book The Road to Serfdom comes to life in this edition, showing that when people get what they wish for, they often get much more than they bargained. Read along as Ethan and Emily investigate a new road built to take travelers to a beach named Surfdom—and the disruption it brings to the entire community.

This book is 64 pages long and full of fun, colorful illustrations. Recommended reading age: 5-11.

Price: $9.99

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There are actually 5 books in the series: The Tuttle Twins: Learn About The Law; And The Miraculous Pencil; And The Creature From Jekyll Island;  And The Food Truck Fiasco; And The Road To Surfdom. Each book teaches about a different. fundamental parts of law. However, this is the side that is not frequently taught in schools. These are the subjects that we as parents are needing to teach our children, especially with the way the world is these days. More importantly, they teach children to think for themselves- which is my main goal of teaching my children.

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