Stockings For Youth Groups With #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer: I received products to create the stockings for a type of community service project. All opinions are my own.

Christmas is not about gifts, we all know this. However, we still like to give. Many of us think about what we will give all year, as to make sure it is perfect. I do this for the items I will make. The problem is that some things sneak up on me. There were a couple of groups of kids that I needed to give a gift to this year and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what to do. A few of the kids I wanted to help the parents out a little and the other kids are always giving to the community, so I wanted to fix them up a thank you gift. Not only can this be expensive, but it can be hard to figure out exactly what to give each kid. Well, I came up with the perfect solution. Stockings!

I was able to give each child the same thing and they would all benefit and love it. Many of the gifts are great for while the kids are out of school, and many will be enjoyed all year. All 12 of these stockings can be assembled with a lot of goodies for right at $50, thanks to Oriental Trading.

To make matters even simpler, clean off the kitchen table and create an assembly line. This can be something kids can help with too. It would be great to throw in a short lesson about giving as well. If any items that go inside need to be assembled, go ahead and do that as well, like with the sleigh pencils.

For these particular stocking, I included the following items from Oriental Trading, afterall, they are the one stop shop for crafts, gifts, and events.

  • Color your own stockings
  • Markers
  • Snowglobe Craft
  • Bible Marker Craft
  • Bible Marker
  • Owl Pencils
  • Holiday Sleigh Pencils (with to/ from card)
  • Nativity Flashlight with lanyard
  • Nativity Sticker Scene
  • Christmas Bulb pencil sharpener
  • Bubble Gum Tape
  • Christmas Stickers

That is a lot for a little bit of money and I am confident that every child will feel appreciated and truly enjoy their loot, especially while they are out of school. I don't know about you, but I always try to include some extra crafts, puzzles, art supplies, and coloring books to keep my kids busy while we take a couple of weeks off after Christmas. This allows me to get some extra work done and even get ahead on school stuff. I thought this would make other parents happy as well.

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