Looking For A Pen Pal For Your Child? Check Out Ben The Rooster #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I have partnered with the company to bring you this post and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

For a while now, I have been looking into pen pal options for Tbomb and Snapper. I have seen some interesting options, but nothing I was really happy about. I put that idea on the backburner, knowing that eventually, the right one for our family would pop up. I was definitely right. I got an email from the folks at Ben The Rooster, and was immediately on board.

Not only is this an adorable barnyard pen pal, but it teaches so much to the little ones. They get to practice reading the postcard that Ben sends, they get to complete an activity (like drawing a picture) and send it back. Your little's postcard might just make it on their Instagram feed!

From Ben: I'm a readin', writin' rooster!
Put down the tablet and open the mailbox! My postcards are waiting! I write two postcards each month about life on the farm, and I love sending them to little readers just like yours. They're bright, fun, and a great way to practice reading and writing. Best of all, they cost less than your pumpkin spice latte - just $4.00 per month!

I love that they are barnyard themed as well. We live out in the country and love teaching the kids about farming, animals, gardening, the woods, and everything else that relates to country life. These postcards will give us another outlet to discuss these things.

When you get the postcard, your child will be so excited. What child doesn't love getting mail. Then, read it with your little and focus on the theme words provided. There is an excellent option for discussion, and Ben will send those early to mom and dad. Then, your little gets to complete the activity on the stamped postcard and stick it in the mailbox. How much fun is that?! We might even take a field trip to the post office the learn even more about how we get mail!

Holiday Package Giveaway

Are you interesting in receiving this special holiday package for your little one? It includes a 2017 coloring calendar (each month contains a coloring page- showcase your child's skills and stay organized) and a 6-month subscription to Ben's postcards. You can learn more here

This would make an excellent Christmas gift that will keep giving all year. Better yet, it isn't adding the chaos of toys (if your house is anything like mine, we are overflowing with toys!) Why not give an educational gift the child can look forward to each month? 

This is a $36 value, but you can win one here. Just comment and let me know why your child needs a pen pal! Don't forget to include your email address. I will choose a winner Friday, December 16th. Good luck!!!

From Ben: On December 16, I'll ship the calendar and a holiday card to your little reader, and then, the six-month subscription will begin on January 1. Your little reader is going to love it!

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  1. This would be great for my little reader! My grandkids would love this! -Lydia