Tips For Getting Your Child To Drink More Water

Getting my kids to drink enough water is in the front of my mind almost every day. This is for a few reasons. Getting myself to drink more water is a job in itself, and I want it to come naturally to them. Also, my son is prone to kidney/ bladder problems, so he absolutely has to drink enough water. I have learned a few ways to keep water in them and make it fun, not a job!

How Much Do They Need? Talk to your child's doctor (you should just be able to leave a message) or look it up online to find out how much water they should drink in a day. My kids need 5 cups a day, which isn't too bad, considering their water bottles hold almost 2. That also include no sugar added juice, so that makes it easier.

Keep It Handy. I keep the kids' water bottles on the table all day- that way they can grab them adnd drink. When we head outside, the water bottles go too.

Infuse It! My kids love it when I infuse their water with fruit. If I don't use the infuser pitcher, I just slice up some apples, throw in some fresh rosemary (they like to pick it for me), and and water. Then, we are good to go. Sometimes I simply add a splash of juice to their water.

Rewards do help! During the day, they do not get specials or anything else to drink if they do not drink their water like they are supposed to. If they are being especially difficult with the water, they can't play their tablets until they finish a bottle.

Finish a cup first. If they want a glass of juice, or a glass of sugar free cream soda, they have to finish their water bottle or a cup of water first. This not only helps get the water in them, but cuts down on the other drinks as well. Also, if they finish their dinner drink and want more, they get water.

Take it with you. If we leave the house, they have their water bottles.

Have it for school. During school, their water bottles stay on the table where we do school. If they get thirsty, they can grab it and drink, plus I'm not running to the kitchen every few minutes for a mini to have a drink. Do your kids go to traditional school? Send a bottle with them.

Invest In A Good Water Bottle. The thing that has made the most difference with my kids is their water bottles. Make it a sturdy one that is fun- making it a water bottle that they like will make a huge difference. One that will keep water cold longer is a win too, because my kids will not drink water if it is not cold.

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

Klean Kanteen sent me a water bottle to try out with the kids and after just the first day, I had to order another for Kodabug. We immediately fell in love with them and will never turn back!

Klean Kanteen has an amazing family of water bottles and I am happily impressed. Varying in sizes, they will keep your water cold all day and them some. What I love about them is that you can get so many different types of lids, depending on your needs. They sent us the sport lid and the traditional lid, which is perfect! 

Our Kid Kanteen stainless steel kids water bottles and baby bottles are made with safe, BPA-free materials and designed specifically for kids. We have a reusable bottle solution for babies, toddlers, little kids and big kids, designed for easy transition as kids grow up. All our classic caps fit our classic bottles, so it is easy to go from sippy to sport to leak proof loop cap. Our baby bottles can transition to snack canisters with the use of any of our wide caps.

Their options for kids is what really impressed me. Not only are the colors awesome, but the green lids catch kids' eyes. You can get a sport lid, sippy lid, and infant bottle. Once you have moved from the infant bottle, it can be used as a food container. Seriously, how cool is that?! In fact- the food containers will be my next investment for the kids. They would love soup or yogurt on the go. These bottles will be a sound investment because they keep drinks hot or cold, and are very durable. I doubt I will ever buy a different type of water bottle. (What out Christmas elves!) 

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