Socks for Diabetics are really Comfortable

Socks for diabetics are specially constructed hosiery that treat the symptoms of diabetic feet. However, these socks can benefit anyone that wears them. They are most often characterized by the material they are made from, their precise and comfortable fit, and the construction of the sock. Most of the regular socks on the market today, both casual and dress are made from cotton, wool, or nylon, but there is a better choice available by choosing socks for diabetics. Most people with foot ailments choose diabetic crew socks for their superior comfort.

Using better materials for socks is important because diabetic feet are more susceptible to irritation. Even mild irritation can over time result in blisters, sores, or cuts. Normal socks made out of cotton trap moisture near the skin of the feet, which creates more friction and is more abrasive against the skin.  Unlike traditional cotton socks, diabetic socks are made from different fibers that are blended together. This unique combination allows for moisture to draw away from the skin to keep feet dry.
In addition to the materials that keep moisture at bay, the fit for socks for diabetics is usually more refined. Most people buy socks which are mostly one size fits all. Diabetic socks have size ranges of up to four or five shoe sizes. Ordinarily, fit isn't a huge concern but for those people who need to minimize pressure points and skin irritation, socks that are too loosely fit can fall down and bunch up putting extra pressure on the feet. Sometimes socks can be too tight in other areas restricting blood flow. The best diabetes socks tend to fit close to the feet with tops that are loose to improve circulation but stay up on the leg.

Another important characteristic of diabetic socks is that they are made with comfort in mind. Everyone knows what it is like to put their socks on a little crooked and then walk around on the seam of the sock. It is annoying and can often irritate the toes. For diabetics, this problem is amplified because the toe area is where sores frequently develop. To avoid this issue, diabetic socks are usually constructed in a way that eliminates seams or at least makes them flat so that these pressure points don't present a problem.

Generally, diabetic socks are an important compliment to good diabetic shoes. Some people choose to wear these shoes and overlook the socks. However, if you really want to practice proper diabetic foot care, then you should know that wearing diabetic socks is another preventative measure against foot injuries.

Are diabetic socks same as compression socks?

This is a common question that has confused many people. Compression socks are a type of socks that compress the legs and are usually worn by those with varicose veins. Additionally, they are sometimes worn by athletes, people on long haul flights, and some pregnant women.
These socks are totally different from diabetic socks. The biggest difference is that socks for diabetics are loose instead of tight fitting. When deciding which type of socks to wear, if you have a foot condition, It is a good idea to get advice from your physician. Some medical socks are not intended for everyone and certain medical conditions may prevent you from wearing them. Socks for diabetics on the other hand can benefit diabetics and non-diabetics by minimizing irritation and improving comfort.

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