Homeschool Resource: Story Craze

There is a Kickstarter campaign going on right now that all homeschool families should be aware of. We all worry about making sure that our children learn what they need so that they are successful in their future. For me, I worry about writing, reading, and math the most. I want to make sure that all the basic concepts really sink in and that they will stick with them throughout their lives.

Even though I worry, writing workshop is one of my favorite parts of our homeschool routine. I love seeing the lessons come to life and seeing their imaginations in action. I'm always amazed to watch Tbomb bring other lessons, like science and social studies, into our writing workshop. 

However, sometimes our writing workshop can be lackluster and Tbomb just doesn't want to do it. You know, "I want to do something fun mommy." 

Perfect for homeschoolers, there is a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new game called STORY CRAZE, where kids will want to develop their creative writing and storytelling skills and learn and communicate with each other.  STORY CRAZE boosts children’s confidence, self-esteem, communication and teamwork skills through story writing and storytelling.  It is a fun-filled learning game in which children write outrageously witty, laugh-out-loud, three chapter stories by selecting PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS cards that add crazy twists and silly turns throughout their stories. The game encourages children to write, and when children write together, there are no limits to their creativity! 

Created by two entrepreneurs from Charleston, SC, Marcie Jacobs and Ellen Stebbins, STORY CRAZE was play tested over nine months with children from all walks of life.  They were able to use this valuable input from children to perfect the game and now it is ready to be enjoyed by everyone! The game is designed for children ages six and up but it also is the perfect family game or for birthday parties, after school programs, homeschooling, youth groups or children with special needs. 

STORY CRAZE is now raising funds on Kickstarter, and with only a few days left, now is the time to join the movement to spark imagination, creativity and conversation in children.   With pledges from $1 to $299, there are many ways to help fund this amazing project.

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  1. My kids were part of the development team that created this game and all I can say is that they absolutely love it. There are a few kids on the team who are homeschooled and they have been "playing" Story Craze as part of their lessons to better their writing and reading skills. This game makes lessons really fun and funny. Our refrigerator door has a number of Story Craze stories on it and we laugh about them everyday. The sharkbearigator has practically become part of our family. Haha!