Homeschool Resource: DK Readers

Disclaimer: I received samples for review. All opinions are my own. 

As you know, I homeschool my chidren. Because I do not stick with a defined purchased curriculum, especially since Tbomb is in Kindergarten, I get resources for school from all different places. One of my favorites is DK Readers. We take our time reading them during our lessons and he is so happy when he finishes a page by himself. These are definitely winners and I'm honored to have them in my classroom.

Tbomb loved learning so many fun facts about animals. I was able to work them in to our science lessons as well and we had fun making venn diagrams and other charts with the books. It stuck with him better and he understood a log more because he read it himself. It was so nice to see such a sense of pride in him when he read his books.

About DK Readers
Trusted by parents, teachers, and librarians, DK Readers combine a highly visual approach with nonfiction stories that children want to read. Each book is written and reviewed by literacy experts, and contains a glossary and index, making them the perfect choice for helping develop strong reading habits among kids ages 4–12.

Since 1988, DK has sold 49 million Readers and published more than 200 titles in the series. Now, after consulting with today’s leading experts in children’s literacy, DK has transformed their approach with modern subjects and enticing covers that compete for the time and attention of digital-era kids.

Four levels of DK Readers are aimed at different reading abilities: Level 1: Learning to read, Level 2: Beginning to read, Level 3: Beginning to read alone, and Level 4: Reading alone.

Titles Include: 

Ages 4–6

DK Readers L1: Sea Otters
DK Readers L1: Jungle Animals

Ages 5–7

DK Readers L2: LEGO City: Heroes to the Rescue
DK Readers L2: Star Wars: The Adventures of BB-8
DK Readers L2: Star Wars Rebels: Darth Vader, Rebel Hunter
DK Readers L2: Spaceships and Rockets
DK Readers L2: Wild Baby Animals
DK Readers L2: Amazing Bees
DK Readers L2: Amazing Dogs

Ages 7–9

DK Readers L3: Knights and Castle
DK Readers L3: Star Wars: Finn’s Mission
DK Readers L3: Emergency Rescue

Ages 8–12

DK Readers L4: LEGO NINJAGO: Team Ninja
DK Readers L4: Big Fantastic Earth

DK Readers L4: Spiders and Other Deadly Animals

Praise for DK Readers
"[G]eared toward independent readers and offers plenty of relevant information in an entertaining format. " —Horn Book Magazine 
“DK has become an expert at combining (and recombining) crisp, colorful shots to entice readers. These titles, on topics selected to capture the attention of the intended audience, are carefully laid out in a user-friendly format guaranteed to reassure neophyte readers.” —School Library Journal 
"These books are fun to read. The stories...are well-written and focus on topics that interest kids." —Scripps Howard News Service

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