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Disclaimer: I was sent a product to review. All opinions are my own.

As I have mentioned before, we have been very busy. In fact, I have gotten behind on this blog more than I care to admit. It has been absolutely cray-cray. On top of normal appointments, like the kids' check-ups and dentist appointments, we have been in and out of so many doctors' appointments that it has been crazy. The kids seem to pick  up germs every time we go, yet they don't get sick from Wal-Mart. SnapperBug has had ASD screenings, hearing tests, ENT appointments, and now speech therapy. I have also been trying to get my health under control (we moms all know how we let our own health go) and having appointments with Oral Surgeons to get my teeth taken care of. I think we are at a doctor at least once a month.

Image result for navy perfect pendant go to toteAs you can imagine, staying organized is even more important now than ever. I now have to take my planner EVERYWHERE with me, to make sure I'm not double booking anything or gone with other family members have important appointments, so I can help run the office of the family construction business. I also have to take a folder with all of Snapper's test results to every appointment. I still have to get work done, and I still have to homeschool, even with all of this going on. The answer to this mass chaos has been the Go-To Tote from Thirty-One.

I can put my work, NextBook, tablet, chargers, planner, activities for the kids, and even some books for me to read. I also include extra homeschool work, other than what goes in their backpacks. This keeps my purse from being too hard to handle, and I can lock it in the boot when I go into the store or run other errands. the pockets are amazing. I can put a water bottle, the kids' glovies, hand sanitizer, snacks, and wipes in the pockets as well. The inside pockets allow me to keep up with smaller items and the large outside pockets allow me to keep paperwork and Snapper's chewelry handy. I know it may seem like a lot to carry a tote and purse, along with the kids' backpacks, but it actually helps. The kids usually carry their own backpacks.

I have tried other totes, but none compare with the Go-To Tote. I can stay organized, stylish, and keep up with a busy life. Plus, it is beautiful. It is available in several prints and is able to be monogrammed. Mine is in Navy Perfect Pendant and has a gold G embroidered on it. You really can't lose!

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